Timberborn – Beginners Guide

A helpful guide for people who need help with playing Timberborn, or just need a few tips.

Guide for New Players

Starting a New Settlement!

When your first start playing Timberborn, the way you play the game is immensely different from other games, so I created this guide to help people with playing! Please enjoy!

So, when you load in, the very first things you want to do are to build

  1. Lodges: The beavers need a place to stay in in order to re-produce beavers for work to make sure your settlement is always running!
  2. Water Pump: Gathering water is vital to your gameplay. With out it, many causalities will occur.
  3. Lumber Jack Flag: In order to build, you need Wood, which is a vital resource needed.
  4. Paths: Make sure Paths are connected to every single building in your district/area you have! Other wise, the buildings will not work.
  5. Gather Flag: You spawn in the game with at least 200 Food (On normal difficulty), but it drains fast. You must stock up for when droughts happen.

Extra: Just so you know, on the first day, if you don’t build a Lodge for your beavers, that’s okay but the next day will be difficult. Also, when building a Lumber Jack Flag, you will want to mark spots for cutting trees when they are fully grown. Also you should build a Warehouse once everything is done for the Gather Flag, since you cant just store it all at the starting District.

Once you finished with this, it would be time to move on to the next topic: Beaver Needs.

Beaver Needs

Your beavers are not doing there job for free, you know(They technically have to because they are the only one’s left in the human world). They need time to relax and chill so they have time before they get back to work! The best thing to do right now is to build a Campfire which helps improve their Social Life making Re-producing beavers more easier!

When you get more Science Points later on, you can unlock more buildings easily. And without further ado, lets jump into the next topic: Science!


Remember what I said about getting Science Points to upgrade your buildings? Well, this shows how to do that. To get Science Points, you need to make a Inventor. Once built connect a path to it. There are faster ways to do this, such as building a:

  1. Observatory: This building produces Science Points extremely fast, but costs a lot to unlock.
  2. Scrap Mine: Not only does it unlock Science Points, but it also collects Scrap Metal!

Using these buildings are an efficient way of making Science Points. And now, we shall move onto the next topic for Intermediate Players: Tips & Tricks.

Tips & Tricks

  1. In case you have too much water stored, it would be a good idea to create a Water Destroyer. It destroys water into nothing-ness!
  2. If the Water Destroyer is not working, make a Dam to store alll of your water but be careful! The Water Pump only goes 2 blocks down, so I’d recommend placing it near a farm site.
  3. If something terrible happened to anything that you want to fix easily, but can’t try doing ALT+SHIFT+Z. This is for PC unfortunately because I don’t know the Mobile Version :(.

This is what I call, ‘Dev Mode’.


Thank you for taking a look at this guide and I really do hope this helps new beginners to TimberBorn! I will add a Dictionary down below in case you don’t know the meaning of something.


  1. Intermediate Player: Someone who is more advanced and knowledgeable in the game they play (Like me for example).
  2. Efficient: Something or someone that is speedy with something.
  3. Immensely: For example, “My drawing is Immensely (Very) different from yours!”
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