Abiotic Factor – How to Farm Security Bots

Useful Tips for Killing Two Security Bots every Night

Alright, so here’s the lowdown on prepping for and taking down those security bots:

Preparation for the Fight

Every night at 21:00, those pesky security bots wake up when they spot you. So, you gotta be ready. Find a spot where you can lead them in a circle, and set up some shock traps along that path. This’ll zap ’em real good and make for swift takedowns.

Taking on the Security Bot

  • Use a ranged weapon to lure the bots into your shock traps.
  • Once they’re shocked, whack ’em up to 5 times before they snap out of it.
  • Move to the next trap and repeat the process. But hey, take your time; those traps need a sec to recharge.
  • Keep at it: shoot, whack, rinse, repeat.

Moving on to the Next Bot

  • Grab the good stuff: the advanced CPU and those shock traps. Don’t worry ’bout the bot’s body for now; you can come back for it.
  • There are two ways to get to the next bot: green route or red route. Take your pick.

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Combat Tips

  • Stick with sharp melee weapons. Spears are great ’cause you can get in those 5 hits while the bot’s zapped.
  • Plan your route to the second bot in the Data Farm. Practice makes perfect, so know your way around.
  • Use your ranged weapon when the traps are recharging. More damage means faster takedowns, and that means you’ll reach the next bot in time.
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