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This ending can be reached by talking to Genie in the hideout to unlock Neighborhood Threat quest.

Return to where Genie, the guy next to the bed in the hideout, is. Save. You have two options to proceed:

Give him 20000 copper. Note that you will keep the copper – he won’t take any.

Impress Genie.

Kill him.

Shoot The Messenger
Kill Genie.

You can ask Genie to teleport you to Gung Ho Bridge if you choose the first option. If you kill him, walk to Gung Ho Bridge. Make sure you have enough recovery items. Once you are prepared, enter the building and fight the enemies.

After you beat the Illusionist Demon, save. The next fight will be optional, with either choice leading to a different achievement. You can only get one, so load your save to get the other option if you want.

Forgive And Forget
Spare Clipper.

Eye For An Eye
Kill Clipper.

If you have Anna with you, that will be your last fight. Do whatever you want with the LHC get your ending.

Dream Come True
LHC ending.


This ending can be reached by going to the cave in Allergy Avenue and talking to the red hat to get an unlisted quest. The Sacred Items that is needed for this quest is located in the locker in the church, which is located in Cactus Town. Once you retrieve it to the red hat, the portal to the Abyss will be opened.

Go to Allergy Avenue and go inside the cave. Use the portal to go to Abyss and explore the area. If you have trouble with the boss, buy some gears. I just geared up Kiddo and can manage the fight just fine. Just make sure to blind (Kiddo’s WSD) it whenever possible. Bleed (Kiddo’s WAD) also helps.

Abyss ending.

Blissful Ignorance

This ending can be reached by reaching the Uniform Mind boss in The Rabbit Hole, located at the building to the far east from Vanity Avenue, and losing to it.

This section has already been covered on the walkthrough, so you can skip it if you follow it.


This ending can be reached by finishing The Rabbit Hole, located at the building to the far east from Vanity Avenue. After defeating the Uniform Mind boss, interact with the green console and choose Bunker Code.

Remember the locked door in the area near where you fought the Kraken? Use the stairs in Vanity Avenue to reach the sewers, then use the south exit. Now, follow the path to the north to find the locked door. Head inside to find a city full of robots. Enter the first building that you find and agree to wear the collar.

Bunker City ending.

Forbidden Knowledge

This ending can be reached by starting Shakedown Street quest in Tenement Block B, floor 3, in South Uptown. Buy Doctor’s Bag in Skinners Clinic in East Uptown and trade it with Ugly Painting in Toxic Tattoos in the same area.

Now, proceed to Maim Street. Head to the far west until you reach a building at the end of the road. Talk to the man and give him the Ugly Painting. He’ll unlock Dream World with it. Use the bed to access it and talk to the only creature there.

Note that you might want to buy as many revive items as possible. The boss hurts. I used Super Defibrillator from Skinner’s Clinic at East Uptown, although Defibrillator should work fine since the boss will 1 hit your party.

Remember the portal in the Maim Street? Head there. Just head to the building on the far west of the Maim Street. Use the portal to reach Unknown Realm.

Pick up Henry’s Dagger, Seiken, Ankh Charm, and Death Hand from the skeletons. Save.

Boss: Angel

Try to burn the boss. I equipped both Kiddo and Anna with Flaming Chainsaw for it (Molotov should also work fine, although I haven’t test it). The rest of the fight will be just you throwing Defibrillator to each other while waiting for the boss to die. I used 12 Defibrillator for it. AAAA combo also works fine if you want to deal some damage.

Touch the shiny thing to the north to get your achievement.

Forbidden Knowledge

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