Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate – How to Reload Better

How to Reload Better with This One Weird Trick!

Have you ever wondered when you regenerate a bullet? It’s when you are neither attacking nor reloading.

That’s right, it’s not based on some kind of hidden timer. The way you generate ammo is by not reloading. Sadly you can’t stop the king from reloading when he has just one bullet, and thereby failing to generate more ammo. The trick is to not shoot for a few turns, and never let the ammo get so low that your king will reload a single bullet.

Red Gem doubles the amount of bullets you regenerate, making it harder to fall into the reloading one bullet at a time trap. But it still only generates bullets under the same circumstances … when you aren’t attacking or reloading.

Small Fry and Ammo depot are good cause they award you ammo while shooting.

Wand of Frenzy and Secret Mission are great, because they reload your ammo and give you full ammo, so you can save yourself with those. Also Secret mission seems to be the only way to regen grenades.

Anything that allows you to get extra turns give you a chance to reload or regen a bullet, if you don’t attack, so that’s additional ways to load your guns. Reload your gun while performing a taunting hop, it’s very useful.

Created by Himsl Games YT

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