Half-Life: Alyx – Gnome Vault of My Own Achievement

How to earn the Gonome Vault of My Own achievement!

Achievement Guide

This is a pretty straight forward guide to unlock the Gnome Vault Of My Own Achievement. Only 1.3% of players as of the making of this guide actually have the achievement.

  • I would suggest playing through the game first before doing this achievement.
  • I would also suggest playing on the lowest difficulty (Story).
  • Get used to holding on to Chompski. You will probably get tired of holding him after a while. I am on the Rift S and at the beginning of my play-through of attempting to earn this achievement, I would press the grip and trigger to hold Chompski. I figured out after a little while that I could just hold down the trigger to hold Chompski. Which made it so much easier to hold Chompski.
  • Saving is a god send. Whenever you deem fit, SAVE! I had to replay 2 to 3 levels because the map didn’t load right and I didn’t have a save to reload the map. I also wanted to add that you should definitely save at the elevator part of the Strider battle. At a certain part of riding the elevator up, Chompski will start to glitch through the elevator floor. I figured out I have to hold onto Chompski and also hold him up like he’s the new Lion King. I’ve added a picture.
  • At the very start of the game where you are testing out the gravity gloves you can find Gnome Chompski. If you look past the barricade on the left side facing Russell’s lab in the testing area. You can find Chompski between the cushions of a red couch like a TV remote. I’ve added a picture where you can find Chompski. After obtaining Chompski continue testing out the gravity gloves and proceed to the next level.
  • At the part where you have to open up the tunnel by sneaking around Jeff and grabbing the combine batteries. You can leave Chompski on the catwalk while you try to not get puked on.
  • Bring Chompski to the end of the game. After reaching the Vault throw Chompski and yourself into the tractor beam (I’ve added another picture of the Vault with Chompski). You just earned yourself the Gnome Vault Of My Own Achievement. Congratulations!

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