Halls of Torment – Class Tier List

Tier List

Note: Credit goes to letir

S Tier

  • Shieldmaiden: she deal two strikes (mace and shield bash), which making bosses dead in short manner. Her block scaling also means it’s actually useful to hoard block stats and items, which allowing to ignore most of damage in the late game.

A Tier

  • Sorceres: very high crit potential, roasting both crowds and singles with her shotgun, increasing effect application and magic damage. Good blocking for defence.
  • Cleric: solid damage and defence, but suffer from his own split damage mechanic. Need some work with elemental damage and secondaries to make bosses easer.
  • Archer: very high single-target damage potential, high crit and attack speed, can increase number of projectiles on secondaries. With high speed and range hordes she evade early opposition and build up to the late-game hordes.

B Tier

  • Warlock: his self-guided ghosts are great weapon against crowds, but falter against bosses. Low health and weak summoner perks making him less attractive.
  • Exterminator: very strong primary, especially with +10 damage ring. Weak crits making him less attractive for secondaries, so build diversity suffers.

C Tier

  • Warrior: very low range and width of weapon, hard to fix with upgrades. Have troubles with bosses and big hordes alike, even with meta upgrades. Big health upgrades are inferior in survivability to Cleric and Shield Maiden.

Useful Info

Every class can keep himself safe with good combo of damage/control and good footwork, especially with big meta investments. But strong defence allowing to ignore many annoying sources of scratch damage, like poison patches or stray shots. Which making game more comfortable to play, compared to frantic dodging of everything.

And boss damage can matter, especially on the first boss with time limit. Having ability to knock down priority target is helpful as part of crowd control.

Not every player can make mass armageddon combo on the first run, because unlocks and RNG with items. So alternatives which have easer time acutally beating level feel more attractive for me.

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