Halls of Torment – How to Kill Ghost Wall

Killing the Ghost (Soldier) Wall with the Shield Maiden in <2 Mins

I managed to completely obliterate the soldier (ghost) wall with the Shield Maiden. I was initially trying with full Electrify builds but it wasn’t so good.

With Shield Maiden:

  • Full crit chance build (ring +10, lightning affinity, etc.)
  • Transfixion (for fragile stacks)
  • Ring blades (for fragile stacks)
  • Radiant aura (you guessed it, for fragile stacks)

With 50% crit, 600%+ crit damage, and god knows how many fragile stack, I was bunching the soldiers together with the slow (transfixion + radiant), and spamming 20k+ crits. A group of 4 soldier would die in <2 mins!

Note: For a deeper understanding, we recommend that you read the Halls of Torment class tier list. It will tell you which classes you need for this or that task and which classes are completely useless.

DPS Stats:

Most kills occured in waves, where you dont have to focus those statues, it mostly happend in waves with high gargoyle spawns, where nothing reaches you.

Created by gigatommy

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