Halo Infinite – All Banished Targets Weapon Variants Buffs

What changes each weapon variant has and the target you get the weapon from.

Just a List of the Differences

  • Inka ‘Saham / Rapid Fire Pulse Carbine (faster rate of fire)
  • Thav ‘Sebarim / Arcane Sentinel Beam ( Increased damage and decreased ammo, faster cooldown)
  • Okro ‘Vagaduun / Dualist Energy Sword (Faster movement, attack and recovery)
  • Bipbap / Calcine Disruptor (Increase damage and area of effect electrical damage)
  • Briglard / Unbound Plasma pistol (Charging fires multiple shots, less shots to disrupt shield, larger bullets)
  • Barroth / Stalker Rifle Ultra (Faster fire rate and bullet velocity)
  • Zeretus / M41 Tracker (Homing missiles)
  • Balkarus / Riven Mangler (Slower fire rate, increased bullets/damage per shot)
  • En’Geddon / Rushdown Hammer (Increased movement and attack speed, increased damage)
  • Ik’Novus the Devourer / Volatile Skewer (Explosive ammo)
  • Arthoc / Ravager Rebound (Ricocheting ammo)
  • Writh Kul / Pinpoint Needler (Homing shots that can track multiple targets)
  • Skimmer Patrol / Purging Shock Rifle (Increased range and damage)
  • Myriad / Backdraft Cindershot (Shots fragment and explode)
  • Ordo ‘Mal / Scatterbound heatwave (Tracking ricochets)
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