Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+ – Fixing Stutter by Disabling The SSDP-Service

This guide briefly describes how to disable the SSDP-Service, a possible cause of stutter in Project Diva.

Potentially Introduction and Symptoms

If you are running into stuttering issues that take the form of ~2 short bursts of stuttering over a period of a few seconds, your issue might be linked to Windows’ SSDP-Service.

Simply put, this service is used to discover devices on your network that use Universal Plug and Play(UPnP), allowing you to for example stream audio and video to devices in your home network. However, it seems to be causing issues with some games, such as Elden Ring (where I got this fix from) and also, appearently, Project Diva.

Note: As stuttering is an issue encountered by various people even on different OSs, this fix will not apply all the time, it is one possible solution for a specific case of stuttering

Disabling the SSDP-Service

How to disable the service temporarily:

  • Open task-manager and go to the “Services” tab
  • Sort by name if not already done and locate “SSDPSRV”
  • If the service is running, right-click it and click “stop”
  • Play the game to verify if this solved your issue

If you have no need for this service, you can also disable it permanently:

  • Press Win+R
  • Enter “msconfig”
  • Go to “services” and uncheck “SSDP Discovery”. This will prevent the service from being started
Created by Hunting Shadow

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