Lethal Company – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for New Players

Always save for the tier 3 maps if you can, the return you get on these maps is ridiculous. If you can get tier 3 by first quota you’re set up for the entire game.

Experimentation – Easiest Tier 1 map, great for when you don’t have a shovel to deal with thumpers/spiders.

Assurance/Vow – The loot quality seems to be slightly better but its more or less the same, choose Assurance over Vow because giants are a pain to deal with.

Offense/March – Tier 2 maps, basically poor mans moon when you can’t afford tier 3. Mob spawn rate is a bit higher here. Also choose Offense because giants.

Dine/Rend – Tier 3 maps, Very high loot chance. Very dangerous mobs and high spawn rate. Distance to entrance from ship is quite far although

Titan – By far the best map for loot, easy 1200 minimum per day with 3-4 people. Distance between both entrances and ship is minimal. Can also drop items from top to the bottom of the stairs.

Know Your Enemy! Read the Lethal Company monster guide. It details the strengths and weaknesses of all enemies in the game.

Experimentation: Thumpers, coil heads and spiders can spawn here, as on every other moon too. The only thing that is a little bit less, is the percentage chance to get them.

The fire exit is easy accessable and great to split up to get more loot.

Vow: Don’t be too afraid of giant here, vow is a great alternative since it has a lot of small hills to hide from giants. Fire exit is also easy to access, even though it can be dangerous to get out of there if giants are around.

Assurance: Probably a less attractive choice, since the main entrance is a little bit further away in comparison to the other maps. Also the fire exit is a little bit tricky if you can’t make the jump to the pipe.

Offense: Probably the worst of all maps. Fire Exit is hard to reach, or rather impossible without a ladder and if you get a giant spawn there you will have a bad time getting back to the ship, since there is no cover around.

March: In my opinion a great map if you split up to get loot fast. There are 3 fire exits, you just need to learn the layout where they are and be aware of the mud patches where you will sink in if not careful enough. Yes there are giants and they are difficult to avoid here, but you can leave early if you get the loot fast enough.

Dine/Rend: One of them has a fire exit really close to the ship, I think it was Dine. If you go out before the ship lands, you can see the map from above and spot the fire exit. You need a ladder to reach it but it’s an awesome way into the facility. Especially if it’s flooded you have all the time you want, only the main entrance is unreachable.

All moons: Be aware that outside monsters (dogs, giants, worms and birds) can spawn on every map. Usually you get 2 different enemy types max but I have seen giants together with worms or dogs on offense for example. I think the only thing what I’ve never encountered were giants on Experimentation

My guess is, that giants have a higher chance on vow and march to spawn, as worms have a higher chance on assurance and offense.

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  1. honestly for the low tier maps the loots’ value (in my experience) are not too different from each other, maybe some minor differences between the first 3 and the 2 in the middle, but if you’re were to tell me to pick ONE i’d say the one i had the most luck on is either Vow or march, just beware mostly of the eyeless dogs / tree men on the outside, other than that experimentation can vary greatly in runs from what i’ve played yet, and the others i honestly didnt like them that much because of the kinda annoying path from the facility to the ship

    but be mindful that every run in this game is totally random so you maybe can have more or less luck on these maps than i had, so as someone above said you can always scan the loot from the ship to make sure its worth it

  2. go to the ones that dont have weather of course if you can
    otherwise if you want to min/max go to the middle collection of planets they have better gear than the first 3
    everything below march costs money to go into the further you go down the list but its just to travel to orbit so you can stay there for 3 days if you want but rend is 550 and it gets more expensive from there so
    they have better loot tho
    me and the boys left with about 1500 worth of stuff while running from a jack in the box jester guy

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