Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece – Useful Tips and Tricks

This guide will you give a list of tips that are divided into war, diplomacy and economy.

Tips and Tricks


  • Your Units >>> Allied Units >>>>>> Mercenary Units. This is mostly due to morale as Mercenaries will have around 50 morale while yours and allied units will have around 100 morale.
  • Always use Mercenary Units to garrison captured cities as your units and allied unit are more valuable in battle.
  • When you are going to capture a city, bring a flock of sheep so they can resupply the city until you can get your road network up and running.
  • Catapults are very useful in sieges. The more the better.
  • Peltast can be useful in battle as they can stay behind the hoplites and pepper the enemy while they are engage with the hopiltes.
  • Be Wary of Athens and Persia as they enjoy using ship to raid deep within your lands.
  • If you forgot about a ship during the winter season and there no ports nearby, you can land it on a beach as it will be safe from rough waters.
  • In naval combat, try to ram the ships on its side as it deals the most damage. Ramming the front or back will do little to no damage.
  • Always equip your generals to your units as they bring extra morale and skills.
  • Keep in mind that some factions will have unique units like Macedon having the Companion unit while other factions have buffs to all their units like Sparta has buffs to their morale for their units.


  • You can’t save gold. You only get a continuous flow of gold which you can increase by mines and cities.
  • Sheep units spawn in winter so make sure to use up all the low supply sheep units before winter so they can spawn again in full supply in winter.
  • Mines make $80 but you need 40 people in the mine to get the max value out of it.
  • Worker units cost $20 and only have 20 people in them. So if you put 2 worker units in a mine, you will be get the full value of $80 but you have to pay $40 to the 2 worker units so you are only making $40 from the mines.
  • Slave units cost $0 and can have up to 40 people in them. It is highly recommend to use slave in mines that are never raided. As slaves can only come from routing units. While Worker Units can be easily replaced from cities.
  • If a city is low on food and there are no Sheep Units nearby you can upgrade the roads to increase supple but that increases upkeep of the road as well. Another ways is to get a Worker Unit and load up supplies from another city and travel to the low supply city.
  • Each city has a number of trade post and docks in which roads and shipping lanes can connect to.
  • You can knock down the wall of your settlement if you want to lower rebellion level. Make sure to do this on settlements that are well within your borders and safe from attacks.
  • If you captured an island, make sure to keep it well supplied as it will be cut off during the winter season.
  • The closer two cities are, the better the road is. For example building a road between Athens and Eleusis will give you 100/Week Road while a road between Athens and Decelea will you a 50/Week Road. This applies to forts and farms as well. If you want to improve the road between two long distance cities, you have to pay more upkeep for it.


  • You can’t improve relation with anyone. Once they hate you, they hate you forever.
  • Always ally people that like you. It’ll give you access to more land, money and allied units.
  • Be very wary of using the peace option as if you declare war again it can raise hostilities of existing nation that you already conquered which mean their cities start to rebel and you’ll need more troops to garrison them.
  • Sent out scouts to find other nations as most the map is in the fog. This can be useful if are at war with a nation and there another nation behind them that likes you. You can pretty easily turn the war into two fronts engagement for your enemy.
  • If a nation likes you but you don’t have enough money to ally them. Try to avoid going near them as hostilities will increase if you do.
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