HighFleet – Gameplay Tips

Useful Tips

Position of parts matters! Not only does it determine protection from armored shielding, but some special parts can be obstructed by other superstructures. Try to install items that can be blocked, such as Radar, ELINT Antennas, Jammers and IRST, at the highest point of the ship.

Armor at the bottom of your ship can allow you to fly over the heads of enemies and be protected. It also helps against ground forces taking potshots at you.

Your ship’s overall weight and power usage will impact your fuel efficiency. This won’t be obvious in the Shipworks Editor testing, but it will have a huge impact during the main campaign.

Remember to install a Fire Suppression System – these can be crucial in combat to prevent fires from wiping you out rapidly.

Keep an eye on the calculated Cost of your ship – there’s no point building out a monster if you can’t afford to commission it into your fleet!


Click the Test button to open a live skirmish arena where you can try out your new creation in a real battle. This includes all regular combat features, with you up against a series of enemies. Hit escape at any point to back out to the editor.

Controls are the same as in normal combat. Hit escape to end testing, otherwise you’ll be given the choice to return to the editor when you defeat all enemies or are destroyed.

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