HoloCure – Save the Fans! – Default and Recommended Keybinds

The default controls are okay but you can make it better.

Keybinds Guide



Note: Mouse aimers can ignore the keybinds and use LMB and RMB instead for Confirm and Cancel/Special.

Q for Cancel/Special

Arguably worse, but this mimics other games where Shift is used for sprinting and Q/E/F are assigned to other commonly used things. Some players use this.

Ctrl for Cancel/Special

Recommended with a caveat: This actually means having a mechanical keyboard with Caps Lock and Ctrl swapped.



The hand is on the natural home row for typing and the pinkie doesn’t have to go anywhere.



Either D-pad or left stick may be used for movement.

North for Menu

Recommended, doubly so if you play in strafe mode with South button.

LB or RB for Menu

An option if you want to keep your thumb off the face buttons at all times.

Note: What the heck is with Start? It’s just an alternative Confirm button that doesn’t work on Holo House NPCs. Intuitively Start would just be Menu and effectively a SNES-era pause button.

Why Strafe?

You don’t have to but strafing has a retro gaming feel and Holocure didn’t have mouse support in the early days. It may also be seen as a skill though nobody cares and may hinder you in tough situations or leaderboard attempts since it isn’t optimal.

One benefit of strafing mode, without pressing strafe, is ease of spinning with Absolute Wall. Absolute spin!

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