Baldur’s Gate 3 – Dark Urge Act 1 Alfira Guide

Alternate Solution(s) for Dark Urge Origins Act 1 Camp Scene / Spoilers for Act 1

Spoilers for Act 1 of Dark Urge storyline ahead, you have been warned.

The Dark Urge’s storyline kicks off with a bit of a surprise for some, where you murder someone in your sleep. For most players, this will be Alfira, a bard who rewards the player throughout the story. There are no saves for preventing this death. But there is a way to get around it…Well a few ways actually.

  • 1) Speed your way through and go down the ‘Evil’ path of the Grove/Goblin camp crisis. A different Bard, Quil, will show up; Alfira will be dead in this scenario.
  • 2) (Works for both Alfira and Quil): Kill yourself at night at camp, by having a companion bonk your MC to death, and then head to sleep. While you have not ‘killed’ them, a cutscene will pop up saying that they will die by someone else’s hands, and you also will not be awarded the Nightstalker’s cloak.
  • 3) Alfira lives, Quil dies.

I’ll focus on the third option here, which is to have Quil show up instead of Alfira, keeping everyone’s favorite Tiefling bard alive while also gifting you the Nightstalker’s Cloak. Unfortunately Quil will still die, unless you want to repeat the steps above, but this…Still results in someone dying.

At any rate, from my own experimentation, this works:

The Dark Urge event usually happens within 5-6 Long rests, make sure to do this while you are both still in Act 1 and you haven’t resolved the Grove/Goblin camp crisis and the Tieflings are still within the grove. To do this requires you capable of finding Alfira on the main maps, preferably while she is still alone above the Druid’s circle.

Make sure you quicksave often.

When the night event comes along and Alfira shows up at your camp, reload to your last save; you now know when this event will happen.

Travel to the Grove and find Alfira, and then bonk her over the head non lethally. You turn this on in your passives tab if you weren’t aware of it, and it can only be done by hitting her with weapons or arrows, not magic. From my own experience, knocking her out quickly enough will prevent any guards from noticing the attack, with her being so remote.

Now when you go back to Long rest, Quil should show up instead. Proceed with the event as usual.

And that should be it. In the day, Alfira should be alive and well, will still be friendly towards your group, and still hand out quests and rewards in future acts. I can personally confirm that even as the Dark Urge you can still interact normally with her in all future acts.

My final suggestion would be if you don’t want a blood smear stuck on the ground of your camp everywhere you go, you might want to Long rest inside of one of the caves in the Grove, that way it only appears in a camp map you hardly see or use.

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