King of Kinks – How to Position Your Heroes

This guide will hopefully give you some insight on how to position your heroes, what circumstances you should expect and how to balance out your overall team.


So I’ve seen small mistakes with peoples positioning in heroes while playing in the arena.

You basically want your ranger/mages in the back where most of their skills will come into fruition while your tank and melee dealers are in the front with your tank being in the #1 position so she’ll take all the whiplash the other hotties will cause.

Some exceptions like Genesis where the more dmg is dealt to her the more dmg she’ll do herself is viable too, you can place her #1 with your tank #2 so your other heroes in the back will stay out of harms way.

Sometimes others will do AOE that’ll deal damage to 2-5 of your heroes so theres nothing you can really do about it. Just make sure you keep all of your heroes around the same level which Ive seen many arena matches where people keep there first two heroes level 30 while the others are level 1 which doesnt make sense to me.

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