Left 4 Dead 2 – Tips for Beginners

Tip 1: Sounds

Note: Credit goes to PowerConfus


This is, without exaggeration, a really important component of this game. This is how any adequate player will answer you at high levels. The recommended attitude of players to sounds at different levels can be described like :

  • Easy: Reacts to the sounds of special infected. Understands that now there will be someone special (yes, that’s right, because here even this is quite enough for a successful passage).
  • Master: Distinguishes SI by sounds characteristic for each of them. Knows about the behavior of each SI.
  • Expert: Determines the location of the SI by sounds. Knows how they are most likely to appear.

There is sounds you can hear to react for SI.

Tip 2: Tossing


Here, someone will supplement me, because I do not have to do this action too often. From myself I will say that in order to increase the power of the throw at the moment of throwing, you must press the button for hitting with the butt of gun. Sometimes you can see the animation of the weapon hidden in the game, for example, on the hunting rifle. You can also catch an object on the fly if someone threw it in your direction without waiting for the landing.

Tip 3: Speed Of Movement

This will not be the first time this will be said, but I have reasons for repeating it.

Don’t vacuum the map. “Director” sends out waves exactly when you are least ready for it. One hit of an ordinary infected on a Survivor on an expert takes 10/20 HP, and this, as you know, can be fatal for the whole team.

The faster you go, the less you getting waves. The gaps between them are short, and the problems that these waves sometimes make players to restart the chapter. Don’t vacuum the map.

Tip 4: Weapons

Recently i rarely used pistols, because i often had to sit in aisle beetwen team and wave. In this moments it was better to use cold weapon. For the sake of your safety and safety of your team you should monitor not only your weapons arsenal, but and weapons arsenal of your teammates, like monitoring what they choosing as primary and secondary.

Tip 5: Vomit Bomb

I still meet on the expert those who use vomit with a tank or with a simple wave, although the team is able to fight off the latter without deafeat. Remember: at high complexities, vomit bomb is not intended for this. If you take it on maps like “Death Toll” or “Paris”, then you take responsibility for its use, claiming that you know when and how to use it (it is better not to throw it next to you, so that the infected move towards you, still interfering with going forward, and disorienting them, forcing them to stand still and “fight”).

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