SCUM – Beginners Tips

Tips for Newbies

Yeah the game pacing is slow. You don’t have to feel you are in a rush because it takes awhile to run out of water and food. Unless of course your sprinting everywhere and close to your max weight. This will drain your Energy pretty fast. So unless you know exactly where to find food and water, you’re going to have to pace yourself. establish that first.

You can ignore most of the info on the tab that includes your blood pressure, vitamins, performance rating etc. The only thing you have to worry about is your weight, energy meter and water. The essentials are in the UI on your screen anyway. but once you get to understand the depth of the game more those things might become useful later on. (i’m sure I missed something but you’ll figure it out.)

bow and arrow is your friend. stealth is key in taking down zombies. spear is a great starting melee weapon. Guns are great, but they are very risky to use especially in town.

Building a base is not a priority in the beginning, but you do want to plan ahead to throw down a flag somewhere on a server that isn’t going to be spotted by other players. A flag and a wooden box for storage works. Getting a shovel and burying your loot is a good idea.

Eventually you’ll want a car because walking/jogging takes awhile if you are moving from place to place. I usually stay in 1 sector for awhile until ive gotten a car. It gets boring looting the same places, but its easier on your time and resources by doing so.

I say, if you are enjoying the game, just keep playing. There is no pressure to get the best gear and become ready to pvp at any time. Don’t worry about that too much. Just focus on you and learning the game. If you die and lose you stuff, take the loss, dust yourself off and try again.

Ive played a lot of starcraft 2 competitive matches and I’ve had to learn to temper myself to not be effected by winning and losing. It came down to me just wanting to improve my skill in the game rather than to that of my opponents. Eventually, things will become 2nd nature and you will do things based on muscle memory rather than consciously thinking about it. Always think about what your next move is. Even if a puppet or player distracts you by fear of dying.

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