Littlewood – Townsfolk Placement

Roughly compiled location guide for maximum happiness of current Littlewood denizens.

Location Preferences

Characters that want to be on the highest elevation: Bubsy, Max within 16 spaces of Tavern and Airship respectively.

Characters that want to be on the 2nd highest elevation: Lilith, Mel within 16 spaces of Airship and Decor Shop respectively.

Marketplace: within 16 spaces Iris and Terric (at least 16 AWAY from airship) / at least 20 AWAY Willow (within 16 spaces of your house).

Smelter: within 16 spaces Ash / 20 AWAY Laura (within 16 spaces of Museum).

Quarry: within 16 spaces Ash / 20 AWAY Dudley.

Dalton: 20 AWAY from Lumber Mill, within 16 spaces of General Shop.

Zana: within 16 spaces of Town Square.

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