Loverowind – Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Walkthrough to finish the game with all achievements.

Walkthrough Guide

Note: Credit goes to slave1


You start in a room in a castle. There is only 1 exit which leads to 2 tunnels that end up in the same room. Walk up the stairs at the end of that room to enter a much larger room with a spiral staircase that leads to a dead end. Interact with the lever on the ground floor to rotate the stairway and get your first achievement, Rock n’ Roll. Head up the staircase and through the tunnel to exit the castle.

Field #1

When you exit the castle, the door is sealed shut. To open the door, head to the flower on the right. You pick it up by walking over it. That flower opens the grey icon near the flower. It also gives you the Rise and Shine achievement. Each flower unlocks a specific grey icon, so if you head to the wrong grey icon, it will not open. Once you have interacted with it, the grey icon appears a duller color to indicate you have completed that icon. After interacting with the first grey icon, head over to the question mark icon to read a quote and get the Emerson achievement. Do this before heading to the 2nd flower as the icon disappears if you do not get it. Now head to the 2nd flower, then interact with the second grey icon. A cut-scene will play and tells you to capture a green blob. Chase the blob, running over the glowing balls for a speed boost, and avoiding the large roving circular lights on the ground as they temporarily freeze your movement. There is no time limit that I am aware of, and it’s pretty simple, so don’t worry about missing it. Once you run into the green blob, you will get the Green Day achievement, and the castle door will open. It is marked by a blue column of light. Head back to the door and enter it.

Back in the Castle

Fall from the 2nd story to the ground level to receive the Jump Around achievement. Don’t worry, there is no fall damage. Interact with the lever again to rotate the stairwell to the next exit, climb the stairs, and exit the castle.

Field #2

Same thing as field #1. Head left to the flower icon, then left to the lone grey icon. Once you have interacted with it, turn around and head for the question mark icon. You won’t be able to walk straight to it as a hill blocks your path. You will need to walk to the right around the hill to reach it. Interacting with it gives you Dylan achievement. Turn around and head to the last flower, pick it up and head to the final grey icon. Once again a cut-scene plays and tells you to catch the green blob. Catch it, the castle door opens, walk back to it by heading towards the blue column of light, and enter the castle.

Back in the Castle Again

Drop down to the ground floor and go down the stairs to the original room you started in at the beginning of the game. There will be a question mark icon in the room, but before you can reach it a cut-scene plays. Congratulations, you have beaten the game! After a few credits play you will get the Dust in the Wind achievement.

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