Project Warlock – How to Get Evil Nightmare Achievement in 5 Minutes

After dying about 11 or 12 times in the last boss trying to get the achievement… something interesting occurred to me that has worked (5min to get the achievement).

Fast Guide to Evil Nightmare Achievement

Get the Achievement


  • We look for the game in our library, right click and go to properties.
  • We go to the betas section, and we choose the only one that appears as selectable(The codes thing has only worked for me in the beta…).
  • The game will begin to download the necessary files (50 megabytes no more).
  • We start the game, we choose the last difficulty. We defeat the first level until we reach the workshop.
  • Once in the workshop we will use the code “ihats” to obtain all the spells.”ihet” ultil you have 10 stat points to get the studen perk.
  • Use the code “ihet” over and over until you get close to level 50.
  • I recommend raising everything to attack (40) and the rest hp. Improve the weapons that you think necessary, in my case the laser weapon.
  • Teleport to the last level with “gotoe5m11”. And kill the boss… remember that if you are about to die or you run out of bullets, you can use “ihet” over and over again until you succeed. Just try not to die.

Have fun!

Created by Nur Ab Sal

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