Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered – How to Make the Screwball Challenges Easier

Screwball is one of the most annoying characters ever put to media and this guide will help you do her challenges without wanting to break your keyboard/controller in half.

First and Foremost

I think it should go without saying that you shouldn’t attempt these if you don’t have all skills purchased.

Screwball’s challenges are split in 5 categories:

  • Combat
  • Bomb
  • EMP
  • Gadget
  • Stealth

A little description for each:


These challenges are quite simple, you have to defeat all enemies before the timer runs out. Can use all moves and gadgets in your arsenal.


These have a bomb hidden in a box in a couple of locations around the city, you have to destroy the box(es) and throw the bomb away.


These have you swing from EMP to EMP and web-shoot to destroy them. You have to do it in the right order.


These ones are a bit annoying, you have to use two specific gadgets only to knock out enemies before the timer runs out.


These ones are also annoying, you have to take down all enemies before the timer runs out. The biggest problem here are the sensor lights scattered around. They can be temporarily disabled.

You get bonus points for remaining health and time for each.

There are total of 15 across the 3 DLC stories, 5 each.

Tried and Tested Method

To make these challenges easier, you have to carefully follow these steps:

Before every challenge you have to:

  • Press the Pause button.
  • Go to SETTINGS menu and select AUDIO.
  • In the AUDIO SETTINGS, navigate to SPEECH VOLUME and turn it down to 0.
  • (Optional) Also what might be helpful is to turn off the Subtitles to minimise distraction.

And that should do it, you can now do the most annoying challenges in the game for an achievement.

Because trust me, there is no self-satisfaction in acing these challenges.

Don’t forget to turn Speech Volume back up after you’re done.

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