Way of the Hunter – Useful Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners

  • The most important advice: after completing the tutorial missions, switch to Ranger difficulty or at least give it a try. By choosing lower difficulty and playing with spot & aim assist you deprive yourself of the most interesting aspects of gameplay.
  • Don’t mount anything while you’re just starting, it’s a huge waste of money
  • When looking for animals don’t travel in the direction where the wind is blowing
  • While just traveling, holster your weapon or binoculars. It’s much more pleasant to travel like that.
  • No need to switch to binos and back to measure distance while aiming. You can simply drop a marker under the crosshair. X for the red marker, hold X for the blue one.
  • Always drop a marker under the target before shooting at a medium to long range (actually any range). Making it a habit prevents grief. The landscape will look very different at the target position than from the firing position, you will never find that blood in a dense foliage.
  • Don’t use red marker for anything important, as you can have only one instance of it. And it’s too easy to place it accidentally to lose that important location forever.
  • Blue markers behave differently, they are added and not overwritten. Pressing T on the map screen deletes all blue markers!
  • All tracking problems are results of bad shooting (except bugs of course).
  • Always aim for vitals, don’t rush your shots, don’t shoot multiple animals at the same time.
  • Try to shoot on the open areas where it’s easy to see where the animal will run. Put blue markers where it runs.
  • If the blood doesn’t appear vivid pink, the animal most likely won’t die. If you aren’t good at tracking yet, leave it be. It will gradually regenerate health, you will harvest it later.
  • Tracking in this game isn’t hard, blood spots show the direction very well and are placed fairly often. Stop crying and start trying.
  • Mark blood spots, try to skip areas where it’s hard to see blood. While tracking look around from time to time, use binos, the dead animal fairly often can be spotted from distance.
  • If you’re lost and can’t find the next blood track, it often indicates that animal is dead and lying very near. Otherwise don’t panic, just walk forward along the line formed by the previous markers and try to spot something.
  • If you absolutely lost track, just leave it. Nothing terrible happened, continue on hunting, you will find another trophy. They constantly die and respawn, even if you don’t hunt them they die from age.
  • Don’t get too carried away with herd management. While it’s a good system that gives us a purpose to hunt low score bucks. But don’t concentrate just on it, otherwise it’s not different from stupid CotW grinding. Enjoy nature, views, hunting, exploring. Do not turn your game into a dumb extermination of animals, just to get that 5-star sooner. You will get it eventually anyway. But with each 5-star trophy the game will become less and less interesting for you.
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  1. “If the blood doesn’t appear vivid pink, the animal most likely won’t die.”

    Well that’s wrong. Red blood can indicate an artery, brain or bone hit.

    Pink can indicate a heart or lung hit.

    Crimson indicates a liver hit.

    Red with green spots in indicates a stomach hit.

    They can all die from those.

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