MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries – Fix for Black Screen on Start

¬†These instructions will fix a very specific singular issue that only I seem to be facing, and I don’t trust myself to not lose a .txt file, so here we are.


  • I previously played this game, but now there’s a problem
  • Game launches, I see the Pirahna games logo, then a screen listing a bunch of logos, then a loading screen with toy mechs, then a black screen.
  • Nothing is frozen, the game hasn’t crashed, just a black screen after the initial loading screens on launch.


Last time I played the game, I went into Options -> Display, and changed the display mode to windowed borderless.

Now I’m stuck.


Go to my game installation folder, “D:\SteamApps\steamapps\common\MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries”

Whoever else is reading this, if you don’t know where your game is installed, do this: In Steam, go to Library -> right click the game from the list -> Manage -> Browse Local Files.

Launch MechWarrior.exe from the installation folder.

An error should show up:

Click Ok, or just close it.

The game will launch, and it should successfully load into the main menu. If it does not, end-task it, and try launching MechWarrior.exe again.

Launching the game in this way will prevent you from being able to join/host co-op, and maybe also miss out on some other online features.

Go to Options -> Display, and change display to Fullscreen. Then hit Apply, and quit the game.

Now launch the game through steam, and it should work properly.

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