METAL GEAR SOLID 3: Snake Eater – Master Collection Version – Pressure-Sensitive Controls

For people like me confused with the lack of pressure-sensitive controls.

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For people like me who played the HD Collection on PlayStation 3, I was incredibly confused to have to adjust to the lack of pressure-sensitive controls. I didn’t see anyone talking about this yet, so I’ll be the first:

  • To aim, hold the right bumper (RB) to go into first person mode and hold down the Fire Button (X) to fire.
    • This proves to be incredibly frustrating when you just want to line up your shot and end up accidentally wasting a bullet.
    • This is even worse when holding a fully-automatic weapon like an AK-47, which shoots as soon as you press the Fire Button.
  • Bullets are very precious in the jungle, so here’s a little tip to help in your sneaking mission.
  • Click the left stick to have Snake hold and aim his weapon. It’s an easy way to hold people up without wasting a bullet, or fiddling with the controls to cancel your aim.
  • For interrogation, you can also click the left stick to threaten them with your knife, while the Action Button (Y) slits their neck.

Hope this helps!

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