Mount & Blade: Warband – Character Build: Hrolfr Galdersson (Raider)


Hrolfr is quite simply a Sea Raider. He comes from the original Nord homeland over the seas and, as most Sea Raiders, he is looking to make his fortune in Calradia after hearing bout the realm’s disfunction and incessant warfare. 

Opening Choices

Father was: Warrior (For combat skill)

Hrolfr’s father was a famous warrior, Galder, i service to a local king. Galder was killed in a last stand scenario protecting his liege when Hrolfr was still young. Since his father is dead and his previous King’s lineage completely extinct, there is nothing really holding Hrolfr to his current lands.

Early Life: Urchin (For looting/speed)

As previously mentioned, Hrolfr was left to fend for himself and his mother from a young age. When his mother died from illness, Hrolfr was truly on his own and he had to learn to deal with harsh Nordland life. Between the unforgiving climate, stray dogs, and other street dwellers, Hrolfr grew up angry, smart, and ambitious.

Adult Life: Smith (Additional strength)

Hrolfr managed to catch the attention of a local smith because of his large frame and the young Hrolfr picked up the craft quickly. Hrolfr was able to make great quality armor within a few years, impressing his master and gaining some local fame. 

Reason for leaving: Lust for Money and Power (looting)

Although Hrolfr was somewhat content as a blacksmith, he could never shake his ambitious nature gained from years on the streets. Hrolfr packed his few belongings, including a set of armor he had forged for himself, and he headed to the nearest shipyard a few towns away.

Travel to: Kingdom of Nords

Hrolfr decided to set out to the Kingdom of Nords, where his people’s distant cousins resided.

Roleplay Guidelines

Hrolfr is initially a bandit and he will do whatever he can for money. Attacking caravans and even weak lords is just as much an option as attacking other bandit types.Also, Hrolfr will NEVER turn down an opportunity to make money. This means taking on the initial quest, always capturing lords, and frequently extorting caravans once you have the men.

If you wanted to be technical, Hrolfr should attack every single faction. However, I would recommend leaving one faction, the Nords, alone. By leaving the Nords alone Hrolfr establishes a safe haven for himself, which can be incredibly useful.

In general, Hrolfr is cunning, ruthless, and stubborn so play like it! If meet a lord who insults you, take him down if you have the resources to and then take him prisoner!

Early Game (Day 0 – Day 75)

Your early days as Hrolfr should be spent getting money and renown. Remember, Hrolfr’s father was a famous warrior, and Hrolfr wants that same fame. Attacking bandits and taking on quests whenever you can is a great way to go about garnering both.

Your second priority should be gathering men to fight for you. Training a party of roughly 30-50 will serve you well in your early days. It should be more tha enough men to muscle your way past any bandit party in Calradia in the early game.

Early game is where you’ll be getting most of your experience points. This is a good moment to stop and think about what you want to shape Hrolfr into. If you want to hire compaions, continue on to the next section. If you do not want to hire companions continue reading this section.

With no companions, you are forced to put points into other skills rather than spamming strength and agility. As a bandit, the most important skills would be:

  • Looting
  • Inventory Management
  • Pathfinding
  • Spotting

Better loot, more loot, move faster, and see farther and what these skills are, in order. Hopefully you can see why, as a bandit, these are important. Hrolfr will need to alternate between training up these 4 skills as well as his own personal fighting skills.


You might want to use companions in your playthrough. Because of Hrolfr’s disposition towards violence, you may only want to consider a few.

  • Matheld
  • Alayen
  • Lezalit
  • Rolf
  • Baheshtur

These companions are fine raiding villages and generally causing chaos. All of them are great fighters for the most part and you can supplement their fighting prowess with party related skills if you would rather focus on making Hrolfr a tanky, hard-hitting badass.

Option 1: Staying a Bandit

This section is about the goals and victory conditions for Hrolfr if you decide he will stay a bandit throughout the entire game. You can also join factions temporarily as a mercenary if it suits you. As stated earlier, Hrolfr won’t turn down the chance to make money.

Victory Conditions:

  • 100 relationship with every faction (Except Nords if you decided to follow my advice)
  • At least 20 enemies (This is a stat you can check in the reports section.)
  • At least 750 renown. (This puts you on par with even the most famous lords of the realm.)
  • Having at least -75 reputation
  • Roughly 100 soldiers in your bandit army
  • More than 100,000 denars

Once you have achieved these conditions, you have satisfied Hrolfr’s ambitious side. He is a famous warrior across the land now and all the money he could ever need. You can continue to grind with Hrolfr, or have him retire.

Option 2: Becoming a Lord

Hrolfr has grown tired of raiding and pointless fighting. You have decided that Hrolfr’s ambition has risen above simple banditry and now he wants to take part in the affairs of the realm. Firstly, have Hrolfr join as a mercenary captain. If you have followed my advice, the only option available is probably the Nords. Becoming a mercenary opens Hrolfr’s eyes to the possibility of becoming a vassal to King Ragnar. Hrolfr, following in his father’s footsteps, wants to become a Jarl.

Victory Condtions:

  • 3 months
  • Own at least one castle/town.
  • Have at least 1000 renown.
  • Command at least 150 men.
  • Reputation of 0 (Hrolfr will never be a “good guy” so you shouldn’t change this just because you are a lord. Try to keep Hrolfr’s reputation fairly neutral by performing both good and bad acts.)

Option 3: Kingship

Hrolfr has decided that banditry isn’t enough for him anymore. His hatefulness and anger has driven his ambition further than ever, and he has decided to claim Calradia as his own. 

Hrolfr will do whatever it takes to conquer the realm. Raid villages like crazy, keep lords prisoners for ages, and destroy your enemies! Don’t just recruit honorable lords to your cause, and just get whoever will join you. Hrolfr is looking to conquer the realm, so he doesn’t care who joins.

Victory Condtions:

  • Complete control of Calradia
  • Have at least 1500 renown.
  • Have a fairly neutral reputation (0)
  • Maintain an army of at least 150
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