Neverwinter – Bard’s Keybinding Guide

This guide goes over the Songs for the bard, as well as how to keybind each song. I googled around for a few hours in order to adequately write this up for those who wish they didn’t have to “guitar hero” the class.

General Introduction

To the Reader of this Guide:

I’m not a great guide writer nor do I claim to be a great player. Bard looked like such a blast to play, so I went and made one. Sure enough the dps is great, heals is nice… Only thing I didn’t like… having to go into performance and ACCURATELY press the corresponding numbers for a specific song… So… I did what I like to think most would do, and I googled ways to play the bard efficiently. This guide will go over each Song available to the bard, and there will even be a section on “How To Create Key Binds” There is absolutely no easy way to make a keybind in the options that allow you to activate all your songs with a press of the button except by quick slotting them. The way I am showing you will make it so you don’t even have to use quickslots. Let’s begin then.

Songs of the Bard

There are a total of 12 songs for the Bard. If I am correct, you can have 4 songs pinned and 1 quickslot for Songblade paragon (dps) and 2 quickslots for Minstrel paragon (healer) This guide will go over each song and the code to enter in order to keybind it.

Hotkey Coding

Urgent: Read This First

When keybinding, making sure you do not use a key that you use for anything else. Doing so will erase the slotted key for your other action.

How To:

In each song section on the bottom will be a CODE bracket followed by a strange looking string. It will start with “/bind (key)”. You copy that code using CTRL+C and open your game window. You paste that code by using CTRL+V and press the Home button. Then before you hit Enter to send the chat, where (key) is you replace with the key.

For example:

/bind F12 “invocation” –causes the F12 key to invoke instead of the Ctrl+I.

Song 1: Blaze Flamenco

/bind (key) "+PowerMusicNoteExec 12 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 14 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 12 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 12 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 14 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 12"

Song 2: Rejuvenating Carol

/bind (key) "+PowerMusicNoteExec 10 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 7 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 13 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 10 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 7 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 8"

Song 3: Tailwind Mambo

/bind h "+PowerMusicNoteExec 8 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 10 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 12 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 13 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 8 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 10 $$ +PowerMusicNoteExec 12"

Song 4: Steel March

/bind (key) "+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 7"

Song 5: Ballad of the Witch

/bind (key) "+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8"

Song 6: Ballad of the Hero

/bind (key) "+PowerMusicNoteExec 7$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13"

Song 7: Defender’s Minuet

/bind (key) "+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13"

Song 8: Warding Carol

/bind (key) "+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9"

Song 9: Aurora Fantasia

/bind (key) "+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12"

Song 10: Sheltering Etude

/bind (key) "+PowerMusicNoteExec 10$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 7$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 12$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13"

Song 11: Reprised Carol: Enhance

/bind (key) "+PowerMusicNoteExec 11$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 9"

Song 12: Reprised Carol: Recovery

/bind (key) "+PowerMusicNoteExec 8$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 7$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 13$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 7$$+PowerMusicNoteExec 8"
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  1. These keybinds do not work atm, and the reason is, your ” are in the wrong format for Neverwinter! So guys, if your trying to use these copy and paste them to a note pad and replace the ” symbols.

    I’m pretty sure I was the original creator of these keybinds…

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