Ninety Days – Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Ninety days of achievements.

100% Achievement Guide


This game is a tower defense. The objective is to survive day after day, going through three phases (day, dusk and night) to finish the day.

You start with two floors and by accumulating gold you earn two more. The castle has side spaces on each floor for the towers and on the ground floor for the castle protection. To see the available building options, hover the mouse in space and use the directional arrows to see the other options.

Accumulating money is easy and quickly you’ll be able to fill your castle with the most powerful constructions that are the magic towers that cost 100 gold and walls that cost 40. The towers disappear after a while so you need to stay connected to the game to keep replacing them. Castle protection seems to work based on health.

In addition, another element will need your attention, which are the crows. It is the only aerial creature and the turrets do not target them, but if the turrets are shooting at another creature, they are eliminated if they are in the way. To eliminate crows more effectively, you can click on them a few times. There are two types of crows: the black one, which only drops gold, and the green one, which also drops gold and repairs the castle’s life.

Now take these tips and enjoy your ninety days!


Collect gold by hovering the mouse over the coins of the eliminated creatures.

Humble prince

  • Collect 100 coins

The Rich King

  • Collect 1000 coins

Collect enough money to upgrade one floor of your castle. The update is automatic.

Weapon potential

  • Upgrade tower

Just survive!

First decade

  • Hold the defense for 10 days

Fifth decade

  • Hold the defense for 50 days

3 terrible months

  • Hold the defense for 90 days

Complete the ninetieth day.


  • Complete the game

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