Baldur’s Gate 3 – Quality-Of-Life Improving Tips for a Smooth Start

Playing a D&D for the first time can be a foreign experience. Here are some easy to follow, spoiler free quality-of-life improving tips for a good and smooth start into your first adventure!

Make Your Adventure-Life Easier!

Note: Credit goes to TheCozyGamer

  • If you’re new to d&d start on Balanced difficulty. Fights are crisp, but very manageable. Hard may be well.. to hard.
  • You can highlight objects in the game yes, but dont count on that. Most items/interesting stuff will NOT be highlighted, like backpacks, corpses, barrels, stashes and point of interest. So always check your surroundings or you’ll miss out big time!
  • You can take a LOT of stuff with you (chests, bags, corpses etc). Need a new chest for your camp? Rightclick on it, bag it, place it at the camp (works with all the items btw).
  • Don’t underestimate athelics and perception. Just dont!
  • Having a bad roll is ok, lot of wonderous things can happen even if it seems “wrong” in the beginning.
  • There are many places you can jump to. Literally jump. Just because the map seems to end on your minimap doesnt mean it will.
  • Talk to everyone(!), including animals and other “beings”, I can’t stress this enough!
  • If you see something to read and its red, right click on it and you can read it without stealing it. If you just run by these items you’ll miss a lot of stuff.
  • If you play with controller you will directly control you character (like The Witcher etc), which is awesome (still prefer classic PC, the interface is still better imo).
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