Town of Salem 2 – The Ultimate Jester Guide

Learn how to always win as Jester!

Guide to Win as Jester

Day 1

On day 1, you always want to ask for a TP/LO to be on you. (Town protective/Lookout) Make sure to say that you are a Town Power. A message along the lines of ‘TP/LO on me, Tpow here!’ will generally cut it. This throws suspicion off of you, which might sound bad, but in the long run it generally can be helpful.

Mid Day Discussion / Trials

During discussion / Trial phases, always be verbal on who you think is Coven. This will again, throw suspicion off of you and onto others. Act like the leader of the town and always remember that it takes time to be voted off.

Your Fate

On the day of your trial, claim something that is not already taken, such as Mayor, Jailer, or Monarch. People WILL ask you to prove yourself, which gives you an amazing opportunity to strike (Or… Just sleep that night) Once the town realizes that you aren’t whom you say you are, there is a large, and I mean large chance that you will be voted off that day or the next. If you are jailed that night, persuade the jailer that you promise you will preform you’re abilities the next day to buy you time to be lynched. If you false claim monarch, I would recommend claiming that you were roleblocked and couldn’t knight anyone.

Try Jester Now That You’re a Pro!

Now get those jester scrolls on, you might need them.

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