Orcs Must Die! – The Library Glitch

A guide to how to completely break the orcs path finding in the library. this works on all difficulties.


If you have played this game for a while, or looked at the 100% achievement guide, then you may know of a glitch on The Killing Fields that allows you to completely block of the rifts and make it impossible to lose. However, this glitch is only do able on apprentice, and therefore unlikely to be useful in most runs.

That is where I come in. I found this glitch on accident while playing nightmare, meaning it works on all difficulties. You will need: Barricades, Ice Amulet, and Bladestaff. I would also recommend bringing a Floor trap, Arrow wall, and Autoballista.

  • Note 1: On apprentice and war mage, orcs will not attack your barricades. On nightmare, a few will attack the east set, so prioritize traps there first.
  • Note 2: I captured footage on war mage, but I have used this strategy on nightmare.
  • Note 3: You can not farm the tenderized achievement using this strategy, as you have to set up to far out.

The Meat and Potatoes

  • Step One: Grab your Items.
  • Step Two: Put barricades west as shown below.
  • Step Three: Set up two barricades east like so.
  • Step Four: Fight of wave 1 and purchase one more barricade for the gap.
  • Step Five: Guard east while setting up traps.

The Finale

This will carry you through. Bring flame bracers, lightning gauntlets, and/or boom barrels to clean up hordes. Use Ice amulet m2 and bladestaff on the ogres. That is about it.

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