No Man’s Sky – How to Become Rich from Passive Income

Farming Activated Indium

The best way to make tons of passive income in No Man’s Sky is buy building an activated indium farm.

Activated indium is the most expensive material in no mans sky and is an element found on planets orbiting blue stars. Activated indium can either be obtained from mineral deposits or from mineral hotspots using the mineral extractor.

Find a Good Location for the Farm

Stuff you’ll Need

  • Analysis Visor
  • Indium Drive (Hyperdrive Upgrade
  • Mineral Extractor
  • Supply Depot
  • Something for producing energy (Electromagnetic Generator is best)

To begin building the farm, go to a blue star system and go to a planet which has activated indium listed on the material list when you scan it from space.

Normal indium is worth much less than activated indium. Once you have located the correct planet, land and use the Mineral Survey Mode on your scanner (requires the Analysis Visor). If nothing shows up, there aren’t any nearby, and you will have to travel around until you find one.

Build The Farm

Just like ships, hotspots have class levels (S being the best, with the highest yield percentage). Once you’ve located a hotspot to your liking, find the exact center of it since the yield percent will be highest when in the exact center.

Place Mineral Extractors as close to the center as possible then connect them to a power source and connect them all together with Supply Pipes. then in a separate area, build multiple Supply Depots then connect them with Supply Pipes to your Mineral Extractors.

Boom! the Extractors will produce infinite Activated Indium, which will be stored in in the Supply Depots. To increase production, keep stacking more Mineral Extractors on top of each other (the hotspot range has an infinite height limit) then sell your Activated Indium at Trade Terminals. Enjoy!

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