Deep Rock Galactic – How to Avoid Getting Eaten by Cave Leeches

These 5 tips will try and help you have a better chance against those cave leeches that are often times really annoying.

Tips to Help You Not Get Eaten by Cave Leeches

Tiny Test

You are walking through the caves peacefully, enjoying the ambiance of the surroundings. Very faintly, you think you hear a faint hissing sound from above. What do you do?

  1. Ignore it. It’s probably just the caves tricking you.
  2. Look up. Might as well see what could be making the sound.
  3. Look up and shoot. The caves of Hoxxes are never your friend!

The hissing sound was caused by a cave leech. Only option 3 would have saved you from this situation. Anyway, these tips should help you avoid getting eaten by cave leeches constantly. Without further distractions, lets dive right on in.

Tip 1

Whenever entering a cave, always ALWAYS look up. While exploring the cave for the first time, try and keep your head up. You’ll very much notice a cave leech when looking up. “Look up, look out!”

If you’re Scout, this will be super easy, as you have the Flare Gun, which helps seeing the leeches a lot.

If you’re Engineer, you can use the LOK-1 to scan the ceiling for cave leeches, plus your shredders can help if you get snatched by a cave leech.

Tip 2

Always be on alert. If you’re going through a cave and ‘rock and stone’ the whole way, a cave leech can easily pick you up without you hearing or seeing it.

Tip 3

Maintain silence (this includes the in-game music). You’ll be able to hear the cave leech much better when there are no distractions. As mentioned earlier, you will hear a faint hissing sound when it is trying to grab you.

So, if a swarm appears before you enter a new cave, do not enter the cave! You won’t be able to hear the cave leech, and the bugs will also damage you while you are in captivity (painful experience when acid spitters attacked when i got grabbed…).

Tip 4

If you are a solo player, this tip is for you.

Bosco can sometimes attack cave leeches when they are close enough, so when Bosco goes into attack mode for what seems like no reason, you can safely assume that it’s probably a cave leech.

Tip 5

Sometimes aiming your gun at the ceiling will show the health bar of a cave leech. This happens rarely, but it’s nice to know.


These 5 tips should help you have a better chance at fighting the threat of cave leeches, though there will be times were it’s inevitable that it grabs you. Hope these tips will help you on your cave adventures!

Created by MarsmanJJ

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