Outward – Achievements from Combat

Combat Achievements

Scourge Slayer

Kill A Shell Horror.

The best way to get this achievement is to go to the Ruined Hippodrome in the Antique Plateau as there is a Shell Horror and Pure Illuminator so you can get another achievement.

The combat strategy for a Shell Horror is to use lightning and stay behind the horror. Shell Horrors attack slowly and signal their attack fairly clearly. Be careful as Shell Horror hit like a truck with 36.75 physical damage, 12.35 decay damage, and 85 impact damage. It also has 2.5 health regen so kill it quickly.

Apex Predator

Kill a Manticore.

Manticores spawn to the South-West of the Cabal of Wind Temple in the Enmerkar Forest and the Parched Shipwrecks in the Abrassar Desert. I recommend fighting the one by the Parched Shipwrecks as only 1 spawns there as apposed to multiple with the possibility of a Royal Manticore spawning.

The combat strategy for Manticores is to use traps and fire. Manticores attack quickly and deal significant impact damage so don’t get hit. Their ranged attack deals Extreme Poison so be careful there. If you’re playing co-op one of you should focus on impact damage to stun the Manticore.

Take My Hand

Reanimate Another Player.

You will gain this one in co-op in any big fight. If your buddy goes down run the hell away to get whatever you were fighting to deagro then go revive them. It’s usually a bad idea to continue the fight without them or revive them during the fight but sometimes it can’t be helped.

Bones Of My Enemy

Craft a Manticore Greatmace, Horror Bow, Horror Axe or Horror Shield.

You gain the essential material from the first two achievements in this guide. I recommend you make whatever goes with your build but if none of these go with your build I recommend building either the Horror Axe or Horror Shield as it only requires killing 1 Shell Horror.

Manticore Greatmace:

  • 1x Mantis Greatpick
  • 2x Manticore Tail
  • 1x Palladium Scrap

Horror Bow:

  • 2x Horror Chitin
  • 1x War Bow
  • 1x Occult Remains

Horror Axe:

  • 1x Fang Axe
  • 1x Horror Chitin
  • 1x Palladium Scrap
  • 1x Occult Remains

Horror Shield:

  • 1x Fang Shield
  • 1x Horror Chitin
  • 1x Palladium Scrap
  • 1x Occult Remains

Strange Amalgams

Kill a Pure Illuminator.

If you are following this guide you probably already have this from the time you killed the Shell Horror. Otherwise there is one at the Ruined Hippodrome with a Shell Horror.

The combat strategy for Pure Illuminators is to use Lightning and be quick. Pure Illuminators don’t deal alot of damage but they have a bunch of health and a healing spell. Most of their attacks are projectiles so if you get up close and circle around you can dodge most of the attacks without actually dodging.

Overcome an Unknown Arena

I recommend the Levant Unknown Arena as the prerequisite is another achievement. You need all the boons on you and go behind Queen Calixa’s chair and interact with it. In this arena you fight Calixa in her Living Thought form.

This is a rough fight as she has no vulnerabilities, you have no time to setup traps, she resists 65% physical damage and has 3 protection. Your best bet here is to dodge around and inflict elemental damage. On this note she deals Ethereal, Decay, Lightning, Frost, and Fire damage with each attack so bring Elemental Immunity potions. She only has 1 attack that deals physical damage, its a slow melee attack. This does not mean you can tank these attacks she deals anywhere from 200 to 300 impact damage with each melee attack and has the shield charge skill that deals no damage but will knock you down.

New players should note Unknown Arenas only open up after you finish the faction questline.

Vanquisher of Nightmares

Overcome 5 different Unknown Arenas.

After the Levant Unknown Arena you should go to Caldera and complete those Unknown Arenas since completing those will also complete another Achievement.

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