Parasitic Evil – Simple Strategy

Instructions on how to obtain important props in levels…

Part #1: 9F > 8F > 7F

  • Obtain paper A from storage room 9F
  • Arrive at 8F to complete dormitory teaching
  • Go down from the left side of the staircase to 7F
  • Trigger the plot in front of the elevator on the 8F or 7F and check the substation
  • Obtain an ID card D in the laundry room on the 7th floor and then go to the hysteroscopy room to obtain an endoscope (requires development)
  • Go back to the 8F office and find the other half of the paper to synthesize the toolbox password
  • At the same time, the date of the payday can be obtained from this location
  • Go to 9F to get a screwdriver to repair the substation box
  • Go to the elevator and go downstairs

Part #2: 6F > 5F > 4F

  • Trigger the plot in the 6F women’s locker room and enter the 5F
  • And move down to the staircase on the 5th floor
  • The plot of turning back to search for fuses can be triggered in front of the 4F operating room
  • And obtain ID card B in another room to enter the 5F conference room
  • Obtain 3 sets of passwords from the “fuse (1)” taken and patient data
  • They are respectively
  • “6F Twin Ward”, “5F Twin Ward”, “4F Single Ward”
  • Go to the rehabilitation room on the 6th floor to retrieve the fuse (2)
  • Go back to 4F and enter the women’s restroom to find “fuse (3)”
  • Take the “fuse (4)” from the single patient room on the 4th floor
  • After completing the full collection, install and repair the transformer box in the storage room on the 4th floor
  • Go to the operating room and find the “2F button”
  • Return to the elevator room on the 6th floor and use it to go to the 2nd floo

Part #3: 2F > 8F > 6F > 5F > 4F

  • Go to the X-ray room and resonance room to obtain the “8F auscultation room key”
  • Take the elevator to 8F and use the key to enter auscultation room A to obtain “ID card A”
  • From 6F to 5F again, arrive at the Dean’s Office
  • Obtain the “4F button” and key item information in the Dean’s Office
  • Use the 6F elevator to reach the lower part of the 4F
  • Enter the morgue in order>dissect the room to obtain the “1F button”

Part #4: 1F > 2F > 3F

  • Trigger the plot in the 1F pool and head to the 3F
  • We need to obtain paper synthesis and obtain the password for the 3F storage room in the “changing room” and “high-pressure oxygen room” on the 3F
  • After obtaining the water gate in the 3F storage room, return to the 1F pool to use and obtain the “B1 button”
  • Leaving the pool triggers an event to search for and remove three special pieces of meat located on 1F.
  • Single person ward>registration area>women’s restroom appear in order
  • After clearing all, proceed to the final B1 area
  • In addition, the “9F button” can be obtained in storage room A on the 3F. Please go and watch the special plot (requires development)

Part #5: B1

  • After triggering the plot in B1 analysis room, check the storage room transformer box
  • After repair, move to the computer room to repair four generators
  • Return to the analysis room for blood separation
  • Move down the research room and engage in a decisive battle with the boss
  • After winning, obtain the “1F gate key” and leave the hospital
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