Lethal Company – Common Misconception List

List of Common Misconceptions about the Game

  • The Backrooms – Have nothing to do with the Bracken. They just spawn very commonly, and the Bracken also spawns very commonly.
  • Shower – Has nothing do with sanity or ghost girl.
  • Mansion – AFAIK just a possible tileset that can appear on any map, but is guaranteed on dine.
  • Thumpers – Can SEE but not HEAR, people confuse these. Also can’t attack you if you’re on something about thigh-height, like a guard rail.
  • Slime – Not killable (as far as I’m aware at least, I’ve never tested it for an extended period of time), you just hurt the little guy.
  • Giants – AFAIK, no hearing. Just really good eyesight.
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