Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Retake Drezen Walkthrough

Retake Drezen Walkthrough

After you clear the demons in Lost Chapel, it is time to retake the Drezen. If Queen Galfrey joined the crusader, she will lead the charge. The Hell Knights, eagle watch, and Nurah all propose a plan to the commander. However, Nurah’s plan turns out to be a trap. If you follow her advice, you will found yourself in the Drezen prison with lots of cultists and Minotaurs.

If you agreed Hell Knight’s plan, you will appear at the west corner of the map. You also lose 10 morale. Regil needs to be in your party if you choose this route. In case you kept a sample of the slime that attracted the vescvaor swarm you can choose to do it now. You will lose 5% of one of your army units nearest to Drezen and 10 morale. You can take rests while sieging the fort, however, this may corrupt your characters. (Debuff, 15 spell fail chance, -2 Wis and Int, -3 CMD/CMB).

There are three hidden key holes (on top right of inner wall) to unlock the last gate before the balor and avoid having to fight the waves that come when you batter it down. The keys can be found on enemies in Prison, in tarven, and in temple. While inside the fort, you are also affected by Demonic Murmurs. (Every ten minutes you need to succeed a 14 Will check or suffer Charisma damage.) In order to remove the debuff, you need to find the torture chamber on the right side of the fort, then activate murals on the wall. (Need to pass Knowledge World 20, Knowledge Arcane 25, Lore Religion 30. Fail the checks will summon a group of enemies.)

To the south of murals room, there are several undead enemies. Once you defeat them you can pass a Athletic check to reveal a hidden room, there’s a vampire sleep in a coffin, kill it to get a +2 rapier. If you have radiance (the long sword you found in Shield Maze.), the dwarf blacksmith Vhane at the furnace will upgrade it to a +2 cold iron long sword.

Drezen Fortress Puzzle

There are two Sword of Valor banners in the Drezen fort, the real one and a fake one. The one in the west hall is the fake one, touch it will only trigger the trap, and summons fireballs and a large group of demons. The real banner is hidden in a room in the south. To reach there you need to fight your way through a large pool of corpses, and use the secret passage revealed by “Yaniel”.

One of the solutions to Drezen Fortress puzzle:

(You need to rotate the sigils to deactivate the traps, be careful once traps are deactivated three demons will appear to attack you.)

Once you put the Valor of Sword Banner on the wall, you will unlock the third Mythic Level. This time, you need to decide which Mythic Path you set foot on. (Advanced paths, like Swarm-that-walks, Gold Dragon, Legendary and Devil can only be unlocked later.) If you pick Trickster path, and found her betray before attack Drezen. You can ask her to side with you during the siege, as a mockery to her former master. You may later set her free (Recruit?)

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