Pavlov VR – Fix for Vive Cosmos Elite Game Wont Start

Game Wont Start Fix Guide


  • Update Vive console to the beta version.
  • Launch Vive console, press the settings, advanced (iirc).
  • Then toggle the beta on/off button.
  • Then let Vive console update itself.

Note: You don’t need to restart your pc for changes to take effect.

If you experience high cpu useage it seems Pavlov tries to use ALL OpenXR addons HTC implemented.

Go to your vive console install and rename these folders to something like folder_bakcup:

Vive Console folder:

  • F:\steamlibrary\steamapps\common\VIVEDriver\App\ViveVRRuntime\ViveVR_openxr

Folders with OpenXR addons to rename:

  • ViveOpenXRFacialTracking_back
  • ViveOpenXRHandTracking_back
  • ViveOpenXRSRWorks_back
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