Persona 5 Strikers – How to Beat Bosses That Are Powerful/Over Your Current Level

This guide is for if you want to beat those powerful electric shadows or if your current level cannot beat one of the main boss of this game.

Guide to Beat Bosses

Requirements/Things to Fulfill

To do that you will need to do few things:

  • Invest in auto evade from bonds upgrade (Agility Boost).
  • Invest in increasing longer buff and debuff from bonds upgrade (support arts).
  • Have sophia be in party with you.
  • Any party members who has learned both buff and debuff skill from their persona or have joker learn one of his persona to acquire that.
  • At very least some sp/hp items as well as revival items just in case.
  • Have phantom dash unlocked from bonds upgrade (phantom striker).

To The Battle

Now if all of the above checks out then next step is really easy; as long as you have joker and sophia and rest of party members who are in similar levels as you do and have the skills from above then you can go ahead and enter stronger shadows or bosses.

The next thing to do to is to buff joker with whatever skills your or your party members persona have and then debuff your shadow/boss. Then after that is to spam joker special gun firing repeatedly over and over, and if the shadow/boss will attempting to use their ability then break off and run for bit before you continue your spam button, by doing so you are slowly killing the enemy without necessary getting too close or having to use skills on them

Joker special gun firing will also allow you to fill showtime and with that you can spam both the gun and showtime over and over. Having the auto evade and phantom striker will help you get this method bit faster


With that, with your current level and lack of persona required to defeat the stronger shadows and bosses, using this method now allows you to bypass all that and get whatever achievement or request from at ease. With this method it might take 15-25 or more minutes to take them down.

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