Starfield – Jetpack Secret Guide (Jump Further)

There is a way to jump further with your Jetpack without using mods or other config changes.

Guide to Jetpack Secret

Difference in Boost Distance

Watch the video to see the difference. Skip Jetpack.

First, I use the normal way to use the Jetpack, Space.

The second time I use the alternative key I set. In my case, I used L Alt.

How to Be Faster

Just open your Settings and go to Bindings, scroll down to Jump and set an alternative Key to use. Now, when you use that alternative key, you can move faster horizontally, especially with a Skip Jetpack.

This works on PC with M/K. I don’t know if it is possible for controller users to do the same.

Open your Menu. Then open your Settings.

Open your Key Bindings.

Scroll down to find your Jump key, and set it to your desired key. I used L Alt.

Created by RubADuck

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