PROTOTYPE 2 – How to Play on Windows 10/11

Step by step guide on how to get Prototype 2 to work on steam on Windows 10/11.


The way I managed to get Prototype 2 to actually work without crashing on startup and after getting to the Radical loading screen was simply 2 things see below done on both windows 10 and 11:

Device manager – disabling HID

Press windows key and open device manager – look for (HID) Human Interface Devices – disable all option named HID-compliant consumer control device – once done the game may now be playable as I had done this once and the game actually worked, if not follow to the next step below

Limiting processors

With this first open task manager – navigate over to details option – scroll down until you find Steam.exe and steamSevice.exe – right click on each and select ‘set affinity’ – with this unselect all processors and click on CPU 0 1 2 3 then apply

Now that’s all done try running the game now if all that fails try this last option would be trying to run the game in compatibility mode either running the game in windows 7 or 8 WARNING when doing this your save file from playing on other window version won’t accessible until you switch back to the windows version that save file was saved on

Locate the games exe file right click onto properties – Compatibility – then select run this program in compatibility mode

If all fails then I’m not sure on other fixes as the steps mention are the only steps that worked for me, but hopefully this has helped

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