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Step-by-step solution for Qajary Cat

Qajary Cat Walkthrough

“Qajary Cat” is a fairly bad game, but I managed to finish it because it becomes really easy after the intro part. I cannot recommend it to anyone (especially to the kids), but if for some reason you want to finish it quickly, here is a step-by-step solution.

General tips: press “Space” to see in-game hints on active points (alas, sometimes hints are placed not exactly above the active point), use “Double left-click” to make the protagonist move faster to the cursor.

Acts I-III

I. Intro

  • 1. On the first screen, take the bottle out of the trash bin (it’s called “Baby Milk Bottle Without Pacifier” in your inventory). Click on the fish skeleton behind the trash bin to collect it too (“Fish Bone” acquired). Click on the fish in the pond to take it out (“Little Fish” aquired). Click on the active point on the left side of the screen (named “To The Palace”).
  • 2. Left click on the Gate Guardian. Right after that goes a scene in which Cat and Kitten stands in front of the player (this scene imitates point of view of the Guardian). You have to left click on the kitten to proceed (but you have to do it quick, because after a few seconds this picture will go off the screen and the Guardian will toss the cat away; if this will happen, you’ll need to left-click on the Gate Guardian again to restart the one-second-kitten-clicking challenge).
  • 3. On the next screen talk to Mr. Donkey and Miss Chickens. Click on the active point on the left side of the screen (named “Continue the Path”).
  • 4. Take the “Apple” from the floor. Click on the spot on the left part of the screen that says “Royal Kitchen Entrance”. You will be teleported to the previous screen.
  • 5. Talk to Mr. Donkey, choose the line “Here comes the food!” (“Baby Milk Powder” aquired).
  • 6. Here comes the strange part. In your inventory, right-click on “Babri’s kid (Fingili)”, “Baby Milk Bottle Without Pacifier” and “Baby Milk Powder” to read some information about them. After that, left-click on the Cat (the main hero). The Cat will think about “Pacifier”, and then pacifier will materialize in your inventory. Don’t ask me, there is no logic here.
  • 7. Left-click on “Baby Milk Bottle Without Pacifier” and combine it with “Pacifier”. After that combine the result with “Baby Milk Powder”.
  • 8. Go to the screen on the left (action point named “Continue the Path”), then inspect the upper-right side of the screen to find the active point named “To The King’s Palace”. Go there.
  • 9. Use the “Baby Milk Bottle With Milk Powder” on Pond, then combine “Ready to Use Baby Milk Bottle” with “Babri’s kid (Fingili)” in your inventory.
  • 10. Click on the Guard – it will toss the cat away. You will be teleported to the previous screen.
  • 11. And now, the hardest and most obscure puzzle in the whole game. Press the “To The King’s Palace” active button again. You saw this screen seconds ago, but while the Cat was away… something invisible changed! A super-tiny active point appeared just in front of the Guard, it’s called “Business Card”, and yes, it’s completely invisible – not even a pixel changed on the background of this level!
  • 12. Take the “Business Card” and go few screens back to Miss Chickens (on the same screen where you fed Mr. Donkey). Talk to her and choose the line “Mobile” – she will give you the cellphone (called “Mobile” in inventory).
  • 13. Right-click on the cell phone. Click on the button with a phone receiver on it. Click it one more time. Click on the white screen of the phone and choose the upper line (that is, for some reason, empty – looks like a mistake from the translators). Click on the button with a phone receiver again. After the call the Guardian went on a date (as he thinks), so you can go back “To The King’s Palace” and click on the gates. Inside the corridor, go left and click on active point named “King Room”. Watch the cutscene.

II. The Palace

  • 14. So, the Cat cured the ill King (with her presence) and now she is the Royal Cat. On the first screen after the cutscene, go left and take “Gold” from the table. Right after that drag the mouse to the left side of the screen – there is an active point that will take you to the next screen on the left.
  • 15. Take the “Millet” and “Food” from the tables on a left side of the screen.
  • 16. Go left even more, through the garden – as the cursor will hit the left wall of the screen, you will see another action point called “To Yard”.
  • 17. On the yard, go right and take “Magical Millet” (press Space to see the hint if you can’t find it). Below it you can find action point called “Palace Entrance” that will take you on the next screen to the right.
  • 18. Give “Food” to Mr. Donkey and “Millet Seeds” to the chicken (who is now called “Mrs. Hen” instead of “Miss Chickens”; I don’t even want to know what is happening in this scene).
  • 19. Drag the cursor to the left wall of the screen and press the action point called “Back”.
  • 20. On the left side of the screen find the action point called “Royal Kitchen”. Watch the cutscene.
  • 21. After that, on the right side of the screen find the action point called “Palace Entrance”. Yes, again. Watch the cutscene.
  • 22. On the next screen, talk to the King. Take the ink bottle from the table (“Ink” aquired).
  • 23. Click on the Parrot on the upper-left side of the screen. Here comes the first mini-game in the project, and it can be skipped. Formally, it’s a memory game, but its design was so annoying even for its creators, that after few fruitless tries from the player the King will apper on the upper-right part of the screen – left-click on him to skip the puzzle.
  • 24. We’re in the first room of the Palace again. Take “Diamond” from the floor, take “Balloon” from the upper-left side of the screen. Click on “King’s Clothe[s]”. Go to the next screen on the right (“To the Corridor”).
  • 25. Go to the right and press “Continue the Path” action button.
  • 26. Use “Ink” on every portrait you see on this screen. I don’t know why the Cat wants to vandalize all the portraits, but the game won’t let you continue without that.
  • 27. Go back to the room where you found “Diamond” and a “Balloon”. Click on the “King’s Bed”, then on the “Pillow”. Watch the cutscene.

III. Dream Sequence

  • 28. Give the “Little Fish” to the Whale. Take “The Clock” from the ground (“The Watch” aquired). Click on the active point on the right side of the screen (named “Dream continues”).
  • 29. Go to the right side of the screen. Use “Magical Millets” on the red circle called “Magical Millet Place”. Watch the cutscene.
  • 30. On a shaking screen, try to follow the red “Arrow pointing right” on the upper side of the screen with a cursor. At some moment it will become an action button – click it.
  • 31. Now, almost a David Lynch horror scene: the screen flickers (unironical epilepsy warning!), you hear the strange noices, you see the objects on a dark background. Click on “Mr. Hen (Frog)”, “Dentures”, “Tea Spoon”, Golden Scissors (called “Scissor” in inventory) and a CD-ROM (called “Alimardan’s Mischiefs Game CD”); in case of trouble press Space to see hints on where to click. After that, the game continues as if nothing had happened.

Acts IV-V

IV. Outside The Palace

  • 32. Click on “Dinosaur Skeleton”. The Cat will put this giant bones in inventory. Yup, this game is something.
  • 33. Talk to the frog named “Monsieur Ghagol” on the right side of the screen. Give him “Mrs. Hen (Frog)” from the inventory.
  • 34. Use “Tea Spoon” on the hill where Monsieur Ghagol sat (the action button is called “Digging Holes Place”). Use it for the second time. Go to the screen on the right (“Continue the Path”).
  • 35. Go right until you’ll meet Mr. Mouse. Give him CD-ROM. Watch cutscene.
  • 36. Give Turtle golden scissors (“Scissor”) and “Dentures”. Click on the active point on the left side of the screen (named “Main Path?”).
  • 37. Go left. Take the “Beetroots”. Talk to the Scarecrow. Click on the active point on the left side of the screen (named “To Resorts Farm”).
  • 38. Talk to Mr. Thief and give him “Tea Spoon”. Go left and press the action button named “Objects”.
  • 39. Play a hidden objects mini-game. You’ll get “Crown”, “Mask”, “Royal Coat” and a “Toolbox”.
  • 40. Go back to the Scarecrow. Combine “Crown”, “Mask” and “Royal Coat” in the inventory and give the result to the Scarecrow.
  • 41. Take the “Royal Command (Letter)” the Scarecrow will give you. Press the action point named “Continue the Path” slightly on the left from the Scarecrow.
  • 42. On the next screen go right, click action point named “To Spaceship”. Yes, in addition to all there are aliens in this game.
  • 43.Talk to “Alien Family”. Search for the unnamed action point on a front door of a broken spaceship. Use “Toolbox” on the unnamed action point. Go inside the ship.
  • 44. Click on a green part of the screen named “Broken Pieces”. This mini-game is complete garbage, but you can skip it after few tries or a short waiting.
  • 45. You will be teleported to the previous screen. Take the “Cake” and the “Small Spaceship”. Go to the right side of the screen, use the action point named “Continue the Path”.
  • 46. Go right, use the action point named “Water Lilies Path”. That’s another (relatively easy) mini-game, you have to click on the biggest lilies quickly.
  • 47. On the next screen, go right. Use the action point named “Continue the Path”.
  • 48. Talk to Mr. Horse on the left side of the screen. Combine “Cake” with “Beetroots” in inventory, give the result to Mr. Horse. It seems like nothing will happen, and the Cat will refuse to give the cake to a horse. Talk to Mr. Horse again. After that, give the result of “Cake” + “Beetroots” to Mr. Horse again – and, for some reason, now it’s working! What a game!
  • 49. Drag the cursor to the left wall of the screen. Use the action point named “Back”. Watch the cutscene.
  • 50. Last mini-game: complete the puzzle (restore the map that was torned in pieces). Watch the cutscene.

V. Outro

  • 51. On the next screen go left. Give “Royal Command (Letter)” to the Gate Guardian.
  • 52. At last, find an action button named “King Room” on the upper side of the next screen. Watch the final cutscene.

What about the objects named “Fish Bone”, “Gold”, “Diamond”, “The Watch” and “Small Ship” from your inventory? Nothing, there is completely no use of them in this game (but you cannot proceed until you collect them during the scenes in which they appear).

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