Ragnarok: The Lost Memories – Bosses Guide

Story Bosses

The game begins very easy but starts to become harder when you go through the right exit of Geffen, and picks up at the end of Prontera, then every boss since Morroc will feel like a nightmare.

If you almost defeat a boss, consider reviving: you recover your HP but the boss doesn’t. (this is not as helpful if the problem was the boss’s healing skills)


Kromache Shadow

  • Sleep can be cured with Creamy card, GoldenThiefBug card, or Nightmare card.

Crypt creature

  • It has very high HP so you just need to combo damage cards together enough times to win within 3 minutes.
  • You can fight with Ophelia and 3 ranged DPSs.


Flame Skulls

  • They have a low-cast-time skill which AoEs an area, but when it’s cast from multiple skulls it will be enough to kill everyone from full HP. The plan is to hopefully start your hand with Stun/Freeze/Silence cards to prevent them from casting temporarily (if you keep holding the card on and off, time slows down to be able to interrupt their cast with it), then while you are safe for a few seconds you combo multiple damage-boosting cards on your heroes, and try to upkeep statuses on them.

Nameless Monster

  • The boss has a heal. Either you do enough damage from your card combos that you beat it despite the healing, or you keep Ungoliant card to use when it begins to cast it.


  • With a lucky perfect card combo it can be possible to beat her before she even summons (this is easier with passive card MoonlightFlower and/or AndreEgg). Otherwise you will need to carry multiple Stun/Freeze/Silence cards and save card points for them, then when any Vitata appears you tap it to manually target that Vitata with all heroes and be ready to use a status card to prevent it from casting its heal, if it successfully casts even once the boss will be healed too much. Ungoliant can be used on the boss but the Vitata still needs to be targeted.

Morroc after Maya

You can now start playing the Closed Dungeons which will let you craft better equipment from the blacksmiths of every city even if you can’t beat the boss of the place yet.

Dragon field quest, mine boss quest

  • These two sidequests are available after Maya, but they are intended to be above LV60 and higher than Twilight Mane. You need at least your tank to have Closed Dungeon equipment and a good level or no one will survive.

Twilight Mane

  • His damage is very high so you need Closed Dungeon equipment on your tank.
  • He can only do singletarget damage. If you have multiple healers ready to use, Eline may be worse than others.
  • He has very high Flee, so physical teams only do high damage while comboing with Doppelganger card (or else Mandragora/GoblinArcher).

Field Bosses

Difficulty 1


  • It poisons you permanently, Creamy/GoldenThiefBug/Argiope card will be needed to dispel it, or just do enough damage to kill it first while healing.


  • It keeps doing damage to the same target, you need a taunter with enough stats and enough healing to outlast it.

Difficulty 2

Golden Thief Bug

  • It casts a shield on itself (this cast cannot be broken and the buff cannot be dispelled) which will explode in a set time to reflect physical damage taken. Get strong enough to kill it before it explodes, or use Osiris card when it explodes, or use 4 magical heroes.


  • It will do a skill that permanently silences your heroes, cure it with Creamy/GoldenThiefBug card, or kill it very fast.

Dragon Fly

  • It’s weak until after enough time it summons many monsters, but killing it fast enough even then is not very hard.

Difficulty 3

You probably will need more grinding after seeing them before you can beat them. After enough time these will be easy enough to just hit and win in 10 seconds.

Panzer Goblin

  • It will start by casting a multi-hit damaging skill on the hero with the lowest DEF, use a card to prevent it from doing enough damage (or get enough stats on everyone to make everyone able to survive it once). After this you still need to do high damage and it can cast again regularly.

Orc Lord

  • Its meteor attack is bait, you need to spare some card points to stop it from casting its heal after that with a Freeze or Silence card.

Goblin Leader

  • It has low damage and no AoE, and its summons are weak. But it has extremely high HP. You need good enough card combos to reliably beat it within the time limit.

Difficulty 4

These can need more than level 50 and crafted Closed Dungeon equipment to be able to beat.


  • The damage it does to the tank can be managed by the healer, but it has a long-cast multihit AoE skill that may need a defensive card or heal to counter. Upgrading everyone’s defensive equipment to Closed Dungeon or using PecoPeco/AndreEgg can help in making everyone always survive the AoE so that you only need to worry about doing enough damage within the time limit.
  • After 2 minutes it gets an undispellable ATK buff so even the skill does more damage.


  • He has low damage and his summons are weak enough. But he has an AoE skill like Phreeoni’s, and also gets stronger after 2 minutes.
  • His regeneration needs to be fought through, or use Ungoliant to reduce it. Osiris has less HP than Phreeoni so it’s possible to beat him before he heals once if you get lucky with your hand.
  • Magical teams aren’t affected by this part: he temporarily buffs himself so that physical heroes will do less damage and have physical damage reflected, so doing your card combos for damage during this time will hurt your DPSs.


  • You need status cards to stop every Vitata that appears or Ungoliant the boss, and target the Vitata manually. Unlike in the story fight this Maya has much more HP and won’t die in just one perfect card combo, but the summons aren’t stronger than before so they are weak and even their healing isn’t as much of her lifebar as before.
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