Rakion Chaos Force – Mage Guide

A beginner friendly guide for the Mage class.

Mage Class Guide


Mages have the lowest movement speed, have very low armour/health, and are generally the most handicapped class when it comes to 1v1. They have great cell stats, and good range attacks that deal decent damage. Their melee includes unique utility such as healing, and winding away opponents, as well as a very close-ranged basic swing that is often underestimated. But its best melee attack is the ice attack(W+W+M1), a powerful medium range move. The Mage is a team based class and takes significant skill and stats to become successful alone. They also excel in stages.

Basic Controls

First off, while in game, press F4 to change your control type to a much better control type which is necessary to perform certain moves within the game e.g side jumps and back jumps.

  • W: Move forward
  • S: Move backward
  • A: Move left
  • D: Move right
  • Q: Change weapons
  • M1: Attack 1
  • M2: Attack 2
  • Space: Jump
  • Shift: Guard
  • C: Chaos
  • Ctrl+1-3: Cell 1-3
  • 1-6: Potion 1-6


  • You can’t grip cells, or players in Chaos.
  • You can grip through block.
  • Delay is the amount of time it takes to recover from the action.
  • W+W+M1 Can stack against walls, doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the damage.

Close Range (Staff)

  • M1: Use your staff to hit your opponent once. Delay: 1s
  • M1 + M1: Use your staff to hit your opponent twice. Delay: 1.5s
  • M2: Summon an orb that can heal you or your teammates. Max 4 orbs. Delay: 1s
  • Space + M1: Stab with your staff in mid-air. Delay: 1.5s
  • W + W + M1: Create a line of ice spikes directly in front of you. Ignores block. Delay: 2.5s
  • M1 + M2: Create a tornado around you that pushes back enemies within a 4m radius. Delay: 3s
  • M1 + M2 Front Grip: Freeze gripped player making him vulnerable to attacks for 3 seconds. Delay: 2s
  • M1 + M2 Back Grip: Pierce gripped player with an ice pillar. Delay: 2s
  • M1 While Knocked: Hit all enemies within melee range around you. Delay: 1s

Far Range (Wand)

  • M1 + Hold: Throw a bomb that bounces and explodes after 1.5 seconds. The longer you hold, the farther the bomb will be thrown. Ignores block. Delay: 2s
  • M2 + Hold: Aim at a target for 2 seconds, locking on, and releasing two fire balls which explode upon contact. Ignores block. Delay: 2.5s
  • M1 While Knocked: Hit all enemies within melee range around you. Delay: 1s


  • M1: Create a cone of spikes similar to W+W+M1, except stronger. Ignores block. Delay: N/A
  • M2 + Hold: Similar to the ranged fireballs except they lock on, travel, and turn much faster. (1.2s lock speed) Ignores block. Delay: N/A
  • M1 + M2: Heals teammates within a 10m radius around you. Delay: N/A
  • Increased block radius.


Grips are mages best friend, however they can be hard to perform. This is why we have grip tactics.

  • Back grips are easier to perform than front grips, due to every characters back hitbox being curved, rather than a 50/50 split.

Shield Grip

The defensive grip. This will be your go-to grip. As soon as your enemy strikes, pull up your block, then move forward to grip him during his delay. Anyone will fall prey to this grip with enough practice.

Stun Grip

The offensive grip. This grip is harder to execute, and gets much easier with attack speed. Every time you hit someone with M1, they are stunned for a brief period. The goal is land 1 or more M1, then go for a very quick grip. If you M1 twice in succession, your delay will increase, making the stun grip impossible. The trick here is to time your M1 so that you never double attack. This is why the stun grip is much more difficult to perform.

What do you do after you grip someone? Well, for a back grip, nothing special. For a front grip however, you want to Back+Jump+M1 immediately after the grip, then follow up with a W+W+M1. This combo has a higher damage output than the back grip, making the back grip basically redundant. Don’t forget that the front grip doesn’t have to be used offensively, and can be used to escape if needed.

Attribute Points (AP)

  • Each time you level up, you receive 3AP.
  • Stats gained from AP are reduced to .47 (from 1) after 50AP, and .23 after 80AP (Affects stats individually)

Stat Priority

Ranged Attack

Increases the damage of Space+M1, W+W+M1, Ranged M1, and Ranged M2. Arguably the most important stat for mage.

Movement Speed

Mages are naturally the slowest class in the game. This makes movement speed more important for mages than any other class. It’ll also help with shield grips, which are easier to perform than stun grips.

Attack Speed

When it comes to close range, mages mostly rely on grips. Attack speed will make stun grips easier, among other attacks.

Cell Points

Mages already have more cell points than other classes, but even we need more cell points to summon our higher level cells. Arguably not an important stat until you/your cells are a higher level.

Max Health/Max Armour

Depending on your playstyle, you may want more armour/health. Avoid investing into both, as investing into a single one has higher value. Max Health is preferred as your Heal Orbs(M2) recover 20% Max Health.

Items and Cells


For equipment, the only stats you’re looking for are the stats above. Treat anything else as an added benefit. For armours, focus on defensive stats as they provide higher values. The same should be done for weapons and offensive stats. When it comes to accessories and necklaces, buy whatever fits your playstyle. Movement speed for shield grips, attack speed for stun grips, etc. The values are fairly even.


Cells are pretty straight forward, but are also situational. By default, for a mage, you want 2 Melee cells and 1 ranged cell. As a mage, you already have extraordinary range, so tank cells are more important. Depending on the stage, you may want 3 melee cells, or even 3 ranged cells.

For melee cells, Knight cells are fairly cheap, and are also often underestimated, as they can be knocked down, becoming invulnerable and potentially tanking longer than a higher HP cell, however, when overwhelmed, they will never be knocked down, and die very fast. Knights bring the lowest lows and the highest highs.

For ranged cells, you’ll want a Blazer until later on in the game when you can unlock higher level ranged cells.

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