Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Skip Missions (Singleplayer)

Guide tells you how to skip entire missions or parts of those missions whether because you do not want to play them or there is a bug stopping you from beating them or a specific point in the mission.

You can also use this to skip intro of the game without having to find and use someone’s savefiles.

Press L to Win

So I do this sometimes when I encounter bugs in the game. I skipped stealth mission with Charles because I didn’t care to go back out of the mission to my camp and pick up the bow from storage and then I had a crash bug at some point during a mission, and after playing Epilogue I had an unremovable cattleman so I loaded an older save and skipped 5 Epilogue missions.

Press “ESC” or Left Mouse Button and hold to skip cutscenes.

During gameplay press “L”. Your mission will be at the top of the list, press Enter. Hold “SPACEBAR” to abandon.

Hold “ENTER” to retry checkpoint, do this twice and on the third time you will be able to press and hold Right “SHIFT” to skip 1 checkpoint.

Sometimes checkpoints are short, so there is no need to do this. But you have to know in advance.

You can also fail missions through other means, like killing your character with dynamite, alerting law, getting too far away from target, or doing one of many other things Rockstar doesn’t want you to do during their railroaded missions. However, the method I describe here works for any situation, even when you can’t move and/or kill your character.

Here is how it looks on a video:

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