Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Rob Trains the Right Way (Singleplayer, No Bounties)

The Guide tells you how to easily rob a train in single player netting around $400 without losing it all and more to bounties. A fun thing to try even if you don’t need money.

(Secret Guide) How to Rob Trains the Right Way (Singleplayer, No Bounties)

Note: Credit goes to ZER0_K%


  • At least 2 sticks of dynamite
  • Bandana or a mask to cover the face
  • Money to travel to Annesburg
  • Having completed all the intro missions of chapter 2
  • A crazy cool outfit to wear for the robbery

How to Rob Trains Without Consequences

This is the only way to rob a train without a bounty. It is the only long tunnel in the game and lawmen have x-ray vision and can see through your mask. Changing outfits doesn’t help


You have to purchase a ticket to Annesburg.


Once you arrive stay with the train until it leaves. It’s a good time to cover your face with a bandana Sometimes, if spotted by train personnel you can get a bounty for riding without a ticket.


You may choose to remain inside or get up on the roof. Make sure you are not seen on the roof or you may get a bounty. You may want to whistle your horse to follow you or you won’t be able to fast travel / use your horse to get out of there. In some cases the horse will not be able to follow the train like CJ couldn’t follow the darn train.

Assassin’s Creed Style roofin’.


Use this map to learn where the needed tunnel is. You need to stop the train in the second, long tunnel. Stop it right before the turn. When you kill the conductor the train won’t immediately stop. It will keep going on inertia until you manually stop it. If you stop too early or too late you can just drive and position the train yourself. The exact spot is perfect to avoid detection as train is far enough inside for no lawmen to get there.

First two train wagons are manned with guards and they won’t let you pass without a fight, they can spot you on the roof too. There should be 6 guards in total. The first two wagons have safes in them.

When nearing the designated stop attack the guards quickly, kill the conductor and stop the train.

Since it is dark in the tunnel use your lantern and pair it with a handgun of your choice.


Time to rob the train. There are loads of goodies everywhere in cabinets from ammo to tonics to valuables sometimes. Make sure you don’t have any unsold watches when you come to rob the train or any other valuables or you won’t be able to take everything. Or just get the Satchel of the Legend of the West.

Loot the guards and the machinist, make sure you rob the passengers and then kill them and loot their bodies because those guys are holding out on you. I know it is brutal but it is the only way.

Finally, place the dynamite charges on 2 safes in the first two wagons. There is some cash and valuables inside. Just press fire button without aiming and Arthur will attach the charges to the safe’s door then ignite and get away.


Time to get away from there. If you’ve had your mask on the entire time and parked the train where I told you there is going to be no bounty on your head.

If you got your horse inside then either ride it or get out of the tunnel on it and use fast travel from wilderness camp to the Fence of your choice: Saint Denis, Rhodes or Emerald Ranch.

If the horse got lost then you can use the train to drive out of the tunnel and then I suggest you hunt the roads for a wagon (because wagons unlike stolen horses have unlimited sprint and thus travel faster) and drive it straight to Emerald Ranch as it is the closest one and you can sell the wagon there too getting some cash as well as making your horse come back to you. There is also a train station nearby if you want to grind this method or fast travel via the station.

Sell all the stuff you’ve got and don’t forget the pocket watches.


As you can see I started with $2622 and ended up with $2977. I missed some guards and did not loot the machinist, I missed lots of miscellaneous items and didn’t loot the watch as I already had it on me. A solid $400 dollar payout and lots of fun and the feeling of a mastermind. Try robbing a train alone, Dutch.

Hell, I think this deserves to be done at least once for the fun of it.

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