Remnant 2 – Easy XP Farm

This is a guide to farm XP. I only found this reliable source. (Been testing myself).

How to Farm

  • Step 1: Get Sagestone*. You get it in Yaesha. Drops on The lament and The Twisted Chantry. You can also lvl up the trait Scholar to lvl 10 for an extra 15% to a total of 25% extra EXP.
  • Step 2: Reroll Yaesha until you get The Chimeny
  • Step 3: Reach the event where you have to have to go down while fighting ordes of enemies. Do not finish the event, instead, stay on the bottom part and kill as much as you want. The event will never end unless you destroy the last roots.

* Sagestone is a Ring and accessory in Remnant 2. Sagestone is enhances your experience by increasing earned experience points by 10%. Sagestone can be found at Yaesha (random world drop).

Note: Enemies spawn ammo and scrap so you can get easy EXP for your archetypes and some scrap. Lvl 9 to lvl 10 can be farmed in 10-15 mins depending on how fast you kill the enemies. Better if you have the Enigma.

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