Remnant 2 – Proving Grounds 20 Traits Achievement Possible Solution

How to obtain Proving Grounds achievement (20 Traits).

How to Unlock Proving Grounds (20 Traits)

So I found out that in order to unlock the achievement you need a total of 20 traits (duh) and it DOES NOT COUNT the 4 core traits and the trait you get from maxing your initial archetype.

Basically, I got all the 16 obtainable traits out of 17 (since one of them is currently not working). I then maxed out 4 archetypes (including my initial archetype) and it did not work as I suspected. As soon as I maxed out a 5th archetype the achievement popped up.

Tip for the rest of the achievements

Also it seems like the achievements for collecting weapons and relics will not count the ones you didn’t get by yourself while in someone’s session (as in someone else collected it) OR if you were not the HOST when it was collected. I assume they will fix as it is basically impossible to know which ones you are missing from your own progress.

But the weapons achievement popped up when I redid a few questions and got weapons that I already had.

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