Remnant II – How to Complete the Dranception Quest

This guide will show you how to complete the Dranception Quest in order to obtain the Anguish Hand Gun.

Guide to Complete the Dranception Quest


In order to do this quest you will need specific worlds and starting points. You will need Ethereal Manor this starts the Dranception Quest, Red Throne in Yaesha, Forgotten Prison in NErud, Morrow Parish in Losomn. You will also need to have access to the Labyrinth and the Check Point right after the Train Car Horde Fight on Root Earth. Other then the Labyrinth and Root Earth spots the rest can be done using Adventure but if you can roll most of these locations within your Campaign that makes this way easier.

Step 1

Find the Dran Man sitting in the chair in the Ethereal Manor and let him grab you. You can find Ethereal Manor randomly within any Losomon flaming dungeon except Lenmark District.

Step 2

Once you’re transported to the dream version of the Ethereal Manor instead of completing the door puzzles to get out of the manor drink Liquid Escape (consumable in your inventory).

Step 3

Awake in the Corrupted Throne and loot the Crimson Dreamstone (You can’t die past this point as this is what triggers the dranception quest or you need to start over by rerolling another ethereal manor and repeating the process).

Step 4

Return to Ward 13 and talk to the Dran man who is now near the shipping containers where Ford is located at the beginning of the story. Keep talking till he says WAKE UP.

Step 5

Travel to the Red Throne (either from campaign or adventure mode, but DON’T reroll your campaign if you already progressed to ROOT EARTH) and locate the Dran in a room down the right side path of the red throne entrance. Keep talking till he says WAKE UP.

Step 6

Swap to your already progressed campaign and travel to the main stone in Labyrinth with the big portal. Go up the stairs and behind the portal to find and talk to the Dran. keep talking till he says WAKE UP.

Step 7

Travel to Forgotten Prison on N’Erud the checkpoint right before the boss room with Tal’Ratha either in your campaign or a new adventure the Dran man is standing off to the left from when you enter the room. Talk to him until he says WAKE UP.

Step 8

Swap back to your campaign and travel to Root Earth. Go past the Train Cart Horde Event Room and just past the small checkpoint stone, you’ll find the next Dran man standing against a fence. Talk to him until he says WAKE UP.

Step 9

Head to the Tormented Asylum on Losomn in either campaign or adventure mode. You’ll find the last Dran down in the basement near a sewer grate on the left side. He will give you a new consumable, Dran’s Dream.

Step 10

Use Dran’s Dream to teleport yourself to the Forgotten Null. Here you’ll find a new purple item drop, Occult Vessel. Bring this back to McCabe in Ward 13 and she’ll craft the Anguish handgun! Note: If you decide to share and invite other players make sure to invite them before using the Dran Dream as once you’re in the Forgotten Null players can’t join your session from there.

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