Remnant 2 – What’s The Point of Leveling All Archetypes

Leveling All Archetypes

Is it worth it to level an archetype? Yes, if you plan to include it in your build OR if the trait is really good. I maxed out the Summoner just to have the trait for health regen, even though I don’t care about that archetype otherwise.

That said, because of trait cap you are super limited in your spending, so there’s no practical reason to level things you just won’t be able to use anyway. But maybe there’ll iterate on it and we’ll have more freedom with traits at some point?

Otherwise, well, there are always two reasons to level stuff:

  • 1) Experimenting – How do you know that one is/isn’t your perfect one unless you try it
  • 2) Busywork – As it stands progression is pretty limited, so getting all archetypes and levelling them is a kind of goal you can set for yourself to keep playing

And as for starting a new character – I don’t think there’s ever any reason for that unless you’re going for Hardcore run and the associated reward (something I’m never gonna bother with as I’m too bad at the game the way it’s designed).

For example if you were to max Gunslinger you would then be able to put points into Ammo Reserves even if you were a medic/challenger.

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