Resident Evil 5 – Split-Screen Guide

You dont need to downgrade to the Games-For-Windows-Live version anymore! You can now play Split-Screen on the latest Resident Evil 5 Steam Version (older versions will probably work too but im not sure).

Split-Screen (2021) Guide

  1. Download and Install Rick’s “Resident Evil 5 Online Fixes”

Download here.

  1. Download and extract NucleusCoop Mod!

Download here.

  1. Open NucleusCoop and click on search, search for Resident Evil 5 and download the game script. NucleusCoop will tell you to select the game .exe of Resident Evil 5. Do that lol (You probably learned how to do that already from the RE5 Online Fixes install tutorial).
  2. That’s it! You can simply select the Script in your library in NucleusCoop and set all the settings you need to set (Like if you use One Controller and Keyboard&Mouse or 2 Controllers).

It is highly recommended that everyone plays with controllers tho.

It will ask you if you have Rick’s Online Fixes Mod installed, if you have it installed, change it to YES.


Yes you can play Versus in 2, 3 or even 4 Player Local Splitscreen!

If you dont want the game instances to be stretched as hell, change your Display Resolution in your AMD or Nvidia settings to one of these resolutions:

  • 960×1080, 960×540, 1920×540 (I recommend 1920×540)

You can use this mod to change the FOV if the characters are too out of view in vertical splitscreen!

Have fun!

Created by RichardHafer

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